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…2 weeks & a broken heart </3

broken but patched

“He really got to you sha,” my cousin stated In her chat to me. I wanted to deny it. But I couldn’t; she was right. He had gotten to me in a way I cannot completely fathom.

I am lying here, gazing at the screen trying to think of what to type.

How to describe what these two weeks have being like and I find tears leaping out of my eyes as I remember much more.


I remember the day i met him…it was so insignificant, that december day. Just a casual stroll with Awe when we were out looking for a guy (a really good friend) and then we meet a friend of ours and he introduces his friend. We didn’t even talk about the encounter later like we normally would do.

I remember seeing him the following day and thinking how weird it is that one day you don’t know somebody, have never seen them before and then the next they are everywhere.

I remember seeing him the day after too and me and Awe making fun of him over something.

I remember a text message that said “I hope you’re not sitting on his lap oh, I can kill.” And thinking to myself that this boy, I had not known for a week, had to be mad.

I remember he called every morning and evening and for some reason I never thought there was something more and when he didn’t call it never bothered me…

I remember when we used to text-chat ourselves and after two days, he’d call and be like he hasn’t heard my voice in a while and I’d laugh and say I had forgotten what he even sounded like…

I remember when he complained I didn’t call him and I said I didn’t have anything to say to him. Then I called him back immediately after that…

I remember when he came to visit. I told Awe that day, that there was someone I liked. I told her who. She was shocked. I hadn’t as much as mentioned him once. Yes, the day we met had been planned she said, but she didn’t know we had talked or anything…

I remember one day I decided I wasn’t going to call or text for some reason and then I sent a text in the night on how I hated I couldn’t go a day without calling him and he texted I should stop if I hated it…

I remember christmas day. We chatted F-O-R-E-V-E-R.

I remember when he asked me out. I remember he called later and played songs and tried to sing to some. PS: I still think he has a horrible voice. 😀

I remember he didn’t call that much after a while; by then I was tired of playing the fool and had decided to end anything to do with him before resumption.


I remember he called on new year’s day. Woke me up. And i wondered why he was deceiving himself, trying to deceive me that he liked me.

I remember January, when we were in school, he sent this message to my room about wives and husband thing. My room-mate didn’t let me sleep.

I remember the first time I saw him in the year. Awe saw him actually and called him. He tried to hold my hand, I pushed it off. It was mid-day and there were people everywhere. Then we saw later in cafe he said he wanted to kill me, kept saying 2 weeks!

I remember when I found out he had a girl-friend.

I remember when I realised his friends actually knew I existed. That scared the shit out of me. Awe said I should be happy it’s not a secret thing. I felt exposed.

I remember my first kiss. Yeah, he was my first kiss. I had never being so shocked in my life.

I remember the day he said he loved me. I laughed, honest, right into his ears.

Then, I remember when he went back to school. I remember wanting to call and not being able to, wanting to gist and not being able to, wanting to hear his voice and not being able to.

I remember each time he finally called how happy I got.

I remember getting mad at him when he didn’t make time to see me during a break.

I remember seeing him when school closed for the year. There wasn’t a single atom of space between us when he hugged me.

…then he met my dad. I remember he didn’t mind and I wanted us to just get out of there.

 I remember when I told him i didn’t want to have anything to do with him anymore…

I remember he called me and asked me why; asked for a reason, asked if he had done anything wrong till I got myself confused.

I remember crying.

I remember when he called a couple of days later.

I remember thinking everything was alright.

I remember everything NOT being alright.

Then school resumed.

I remember when someone came to tell me about another girl in the picture earlier in the year, I remember saying “no, we’re just friends oh” and I hated him.

I remember we barely talked.

I remember when he asked about that ‘break-up’ day and I didn’t want to talk and I got mad when I tried to talk. I remember he said “Taiwo, don’t be mad at me.”

I remember getting mad at him for telling me he was tired one November day.

I remember apologising but being too tired of the ups and downs.

I remember december. We barely spoke. I didn’t even want us to speak. His friends came to meet me. I wondered why…

I remembered being sure that we were over.

Then we went on vacation.

I had the best time ever. Without him. Then boxing day came and he called.

I remember staring at the phone ringing and wondering if to pick. Then he came by, for about 5 minutes… I had a party.


I remember new year’s day. Guess who called? And then he came over, we were together for over an hour. Then he wanted to talk about everything. I didn’t want to… we hugged, then he kissed me. I remember when he kissed me. I remember how he held me. 🙂

And then we got to school,

I remember thinking everything was ok. There was the afternoon we spent together.

I remember he wanted a kiss. I remember he pecked me. I remember thinking ‘moustaches are ticklish.’ lol.

I remember when he said I was deceiving myself thinking we were just friends.

 I remember the day before he went home. We laughed and dissed, I told him I’d miss him.

I remember thinking ‘i can do this, a relationship won’t be all bad.’

Then I went home for a weekend, and it was all silence. I text, no reply. I call him, he’s no forth-coming.

 I remember him finally calling, the Sunday of my return to school. I wanted to kick him, but I ignored it and remained mature. Till a bit later, when I was done cooking. Then, I called and shouted at him.

I remember when he said I should get to the point, i remember thinking ‘this boy is mad.’

Now its two weeks since we went our separate ways and I must say, it’s not that bad…he’s not being here. I also seem to be giving off a ‘single-girl’ aura…There’s always a guy around the corner. It’s almost ironic. I could lose myself in them. But i won’t. I won’t do a thing till this thing is completely over. I haven’t set eyes on him but I hope it doesn’t happen till a month’s time. Confrontations give me the hibby chubbies.

So yes, my cousin was right, that short dark boy really did get to me. 🙂


13 thoughts on “…2 weeks & a broken heart </3”

  1. if i was ‘him’ i would’nt wnt my love story to b online esp. bcos it did not wrk out…i guess dats why i’m not him

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