The 2face phenomena

So the everlasting bachelor has finally called it a day. closed business and i must say I am disappointed. 2Baba why? why have you broken the hearts of so many girls (et moi)? why have you stopped the number of free little 2Babas roaming Nigeria? the everlasting bachelor has put to bed.

     I don’t know jack about 2baba’s ever-active love-life. i know his the father of many and boy-friend to more, but till this news stopping engagement was announced i had never bothered with names so off to Linda Ikeji I went and i discovered this babe had stuck with him for (wait for it!) 12 years.
One commentator said “At last!!! Congratulations to Annie! After 12 years and all his nonsense promiscuity… no be joke. She who laughs last…” and i thought to myself who is laughing.
She cried.
Babe had given up hope that anything was ever going to happen. Keep in mind that Innocent Idibia is not as innocent as his name implied. she was staying with a promiscuous guy. she had had a kid for him and so had others.
So, where’s the joy in that were’s the “true love” as another commentator put it.
     Nigerians have already gone and labelled the girl as shameless, ‘an ignorable bastard’. me i don’t know Ms. Macaulay but i know she doesn’t deserve a 2face. A guy that is not faithful has no regard for you. a disregard enough to land him with different kids by different women.
     I sat down with a friend and we had a serious conversation about the whole thing. we call it the 2face phenomena. You let a man treat you anyhow because you miss turn and started liking him. Guys of today seem to think they are this dying exotic breed. THEY ARE NOT! What is the dying breed? Good guys that are actually trained to treat women like queens. word of  the day is, “I’m still young…” remain young! and i pray the day you grow up all the good girls are gone.
ask yourself some questions:
  1. does he respect you? No.
  2. does he value you? No.
  3. does he care about how things he does will affect you? No.
Please leave this boy to become a man!
‘but I love him.’ Love my ass!!! If you love him, let him go become a respectable person you can be proud of. Not that people will feel sorry for you when you say I’m engaged to Mr. X.
           The guy told me that I don’t understand. that guys have needs, that him oh, he can love his babe but if she doesn’t want to do it, she can’t expect him to just be there waiting now, body no be wood. I wanted to tell him he didn’t know what love was… but then neither do I. Oh, I know how you’ll act if you love someone but then all that is different in reality, innit?
          We of this great generation have it tough oh. Guys seem to think sex is a norm for a relationship… That it’s one of the must-happens, especially if it’s for close to a year talk less of over that. I really don’t understand why and no explanation can get across to me.
The 2face phenomena is real oh, but you don’t have to take it. As happy as I am for Annie, I must say she has done all women wrong in making boys think they can be the perfect ass-holes and we’ll take it.

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