I wonder…


Is it alright to feel fear?

Is it okay to be scared?

Is it acceptable to wonder?


They say it’s not right.

They say fear is an evil thing.

They say it holds you back.

They say it doesn’t let you experience fully…


But I am…

afraid that is.

I can’t help it.

Yes, God’s plans for me are good

but then isn’t He’s plan for everyone good?

Doesn’t he love us all?

Christians especially?


But things still go wrong… very wrong

Even with Christians.

so why can’t it go wrong for me too…?


I can’t help it, I’m scared

What if the future isn’t so bright…

What if it’s just a dull brown lump…


What if at the end I just end up lonely and confused?

What if the one thing you’re sure of is fear…


6 thoughts on “I wonder…”

    1. A pessimistic view of d state of affairs of things…..hmm in as much as it is the facts NOT all facts are needed for a christian

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