I forget…

  Sometimes it slips our mind, that all this is for a moment; That life is for a moment…a moment that goes on for a while then poof! Gone, forgotten, passed off. In struggling to achieve the goal of a wealthy life in the future, we forget what really matters to us.

My greatest fear is growing up, not height-wise and all that, growing psychologically from innocence to world-wide arrogance. So far, I have forgotten so much of the little pleasures that gave my heart a lift, like the cartoons that no one ever died, like the joy of exchanging meals during break without a thought on jazz, like friendship without boundary and backstabbing, like looking forward to each day just because it was going to bring a new ray of light, like playing in the rain.
Things that we have taken to seeing as immature. Maybe that’s why grown-ups have kids, so they can enjoy once again what they didn’t know they have missed.

I have forgotten what it is like to smile at a new day, see it as the opportunity it is; to make a friend, fall in love, be happy! Instead, I grimly shuffle out of bed, don my armour, and view everyone with suspicion, because in my ‘grown up’ mind, everyone is out to better themselves at my expense, everyone wants to get something out of me.
…my innocence has been corrupted and I don’t know how to get it back…


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