I Love You

  Loving God is easy, trusting Him a bit harder. Why? because at the end of it all, we know His plans for us are   for good and not evil (Jer 29:11)

Is loving fellow-man easy? No.Trusting him? No. Look at the world we’re in fathers sleeping with daughters, mother’s sleeping with Son-in-laws, wives sleeping with bosses, husbands sleeping with maids, grown men raping teenagers, family members killing each other for land, money rituals, corrupt leaders everywhere, one-chance buses, friends that cheat, friends that lie, friends that gossip let’s not even go into what enemies do!

So why will The Bible say:  if I can’t love man I can see, why will I love God that I can’t see. The truth behind this comment is valid but does that mean seeing someone and love go hand in hand? After all, what you see is only skin-deep, the eyes can only go so far. You don’t see the mind or heart so, why on earth should I love you, a perfect stranger?

But now, ask why I should love God and I can tell you why. He loves me through my good and bad, he doesn’t care I am I am bad-mannered. Before I even knew what Sleek was He loved me. He loves me without my having to do anything for me. He nudges me awake each morning, even when I forget to tell Him good-night. He carries me through the day even when I barely speak to Him. He brings just the right people around because He knows friends are important too. And when things get really bad and out of hand and I cry and blame him, He has never walked out on me.
Because he’s made a promise that, come hell or high water, will never wear away. He promised to love me… and because of that love; that unselfish total love, it’s safe to say I will love what he created no matter how stupid it tries to prove itself.


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