Verify Investigations present…The Covenant boy

If you didn’t attend Covenant University, you are advised to read something else. But you won’t will you?

ps… click the paper to read *whispers: it’s a picture.*


7 thoughts on “Verify Investigations present…The Covenant boy”

  1. d ife boy.. reads all through the night.. not necessarily studying.. He’s either cramming or skimming through his books.. Who cares, so far he’s got his books in his front, at least thats what we are bred to do.

    he’s also a pro, in the tracking of babes, the smart one keeps a database (usually Microsoft Excel docs) of his progress with them. U dont want to appear in Nina’s room with Ennie’s gift.

    Nice one..misty

  2. n Mr Oyediran… wat r u doin here…. berra go back to ur books… Nerd oshi i’m beefing u… n yeap.. i’m using dis platform to do dat :p @drunk Archer… :d

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