Dummies guide to fame: The IT Girl

 Note: I don’t mean IT girl. If you wish to be an Industrial- Trainee, industrial technologist or Introvertial  terrorist is your own business.

So after the infamous ‘Covenant boy piece.’ I have been asked for page 2 by the girls. Which really isn’t fair is it? I’m all for equality and all that (NOT). So I have gone far out of my way to sly girls all Covenant University wide and produce my expose on the Covenant girl. After much thinking and deleting and nail-biting. I decided to start with a definition given to me by an IT-girl, exactly how we went about it.

Me: so what’s an IT girl?

Her: an IT girl is one that knows everything in fashion so as to–

Me: For the purpose of helping the hungry by inspiration?

Her: er… no. so that–

Me: okay, okay…to help in global warming by using green clothes fashionably

Her: erm… not really–

Me: Wow! This is big! So what does she do? Must be like a super-hero type thing? Top secret right?!

Her: er… she just wears stuff so people know her.

Me: what?

Her: yeah.

Me: WHAT THE ^&*K!

IT-Girl: /it gel/ synonym: wanna-be. one who wishes to be in vogue. At the fore-front in fashion and will do anything to get there so as to be known.


  1. Get money: what will come to mind is that she will work for the money. Yeah right. All you need is a great imagination and lots of book names. It’s a valid theft because your parents did it to their grand-parents, and theirs to theirs, even to the time of tablets.
  2. Buy from fellow students: this is a good way to get at them for making profit at the expense of your greed. Do you know they make about 50% profit, just because you want something from ‘the-abroad.’ Something that costs 2,500 will go for 4,000. The trick is to pick things to the tune of over ten-thousand. Tell them to meet up with you in a week. Then start playing dodger with them for the rest of the semester till they embarrass you in public many months later.
  3. Visit and At the fore-front of fashion is where you wanna be. Even if you can never afford it. You must know a LOT about it to talk confidently like you have it. Somewhere.
  4. Make mouth: yeah that’s what the blog visiting was for. Talk about everything. Lies or truths. It doesn’t matter just be confident. So if you said you went to get a tan in England over christmas? It was a mistake, you’ll get it better next time. Research more.practice makes perfect.
  5. There’s in love in sharing: nothing like just picking up someone else’s cloth to wear. Of course an IT girl will never pick the normal ones, she’ll usually aim for your best. You know, that special one you leave wrapped in tissue. She’ll raid your ward-robe and bring it out, try it on and then tell you how nice it looks on her body. She will then resume her sit and gist and gist and gist then slide towards the door when she thinks you can’t notice. Many a not-sharp girl have lost so much that way.
  6. Get it while its expensive: after then it becomes basically useless. The priority is that first week gan gan! The rep will be crazy!!
  7. Get the most: like when those human hair ish came out. Get the longest. That’s some seventy grand. Anyone that sees it is like “mehn! That chic is loaded oh!” even though 3 months later it now costs about 20 grand.
  8. Photo shoot: this one is not sharing. Take someones own property, pose in it. Take pictures.  And return it. Simple and short. No one will ever know.
  9.  Fake it!

a)      can’t afford the newest fad. Get a tailor, a good one. Photocopy at a cheaper rate. It might not come out as good but nobody is going to meet you face to face and complain so..?

b)      get the cheaper remake. Thank God for China. It might fade soon, tear easily, break soon, wrong designer. But seriously? It’s a fad, by next week it might no more be in vogue. God Forbid if she is caught in old fads.


10 thoughts on “Dummies guide to fame: The IT Girl”

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