test ponderings…

So, I’m supposed to be writing a test now. Another one, second in 2 weeks. I got 5 last week, 5 out of 10. Lucky me. As in seriously, I don’t know jack about the course except the course code CHM 421. And now I have three questions to deceive myself I can answer for the next 30 minutes. 30 whole minutes! If only time can fly…

10 minutes in…

My eyes are fixed on him, this shuffling old man in the white lab coat that comes in at twelve every Monday droning incoherently for the next two hours on electrolytes, ions and weird symbols. When he had taught us in 100 level I had being irritated but accepted that he should soon be well into retirement pretty soon. But here he is. Alive and well. Lab coat still ironed, Frowning at us under the scanty white growth that should be hair. I don’t know what he says and I don’t really care because I wouldn’t understand. He told us so himself in his old-man voice: “Next week’s class… you won’t understand it. So, get ready.” Strange words. And now I’m supposed to give answers on that… It’s not like I have ever understood him any of the sad times he has lectured us in the past 3½ years so why should I now? What I wouldn’t do for chicken and salad now… and maybe chips… but I’m meant to be writing a test. So let me look at the paper and scribble something so if he comes to check it won’t be the blank sheet alone.

18 minutes in…

All around people are looking desperate, murmuring question numbers, whispered answers. I’m not interested, not because I know the answer (which I don’t), or because I have resigned to failure, (which I have) but because I really don’t care.

22 minutes in…

My first eye-to-paper cheating experience was for CIS something in 200 level. It was a computer coding course. I had spent the whole semester cursing my department for giving us a course that didn’t apply to anything, doing tutorials into it, meeting people to explain and cramming. Mid-semester results came and I got 27 out of 30. I thought “yeah, can do this!”

But exam was another bowl of Gari completely. I saw the questions… create algorithm, matrix on 4×4… I BLANKED OUT! All I remembered was #include stdio.h. I peeped around and found a friend. She gave me answers, I wrote them. Results came out. F. Little people were dancing in my head singing ‘F is for  Failure…F is for Failure.’ My first carry-over. I met the lecturer. He said senate had met. Could I see the result? No. I should re-do it next session. I left and checked the result again. No, I wasn’t seeing double… no, I wasn’t seeing someone else’s result. and I prayed and prayed and made a promise. “No cheating again. Ever. Just don’t let me have to go through a semester of that crap again.” I checked the result again. B

Someone has gone to submit… I’m out!


3 thoughts on “test ponderings…”

  1. I hope u did not cheat sha Writing when u shuld b solving…nyway u are an Efiko and u always mysteriously make it…BTW if my memory is nt failing me i dnt think d matrix was 4 by 4 but 3 by 3

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