An Award!!! My very first award!!!

Well… it’s being a while. Kinda. I have this project to work on and well being me, something I ought to have being working on since January I am now rushing it up. I’ve also being going through some changes in my life. I’ll probably talk about those one day or the other. Their not depressing at all but… I guess it’s part of the maturity phase and I don’t mind it at all.

Anyways I opened I got on the blog and bham! I have being nominated for an award- the Reader Appreciation Award by The Narcisst’s Blog ©. It’s my first nomination and I’m totally psyched. Writers’ block is a bitch and I’ve being in that band-wagon for some weeks now. I get to the blog and I see views of the home page. “They want something to read, IDIOT! Type something!!” and I pose. Fingers hunched over the keyboard and wait for the magic… and wait and wait. Till I just shut it and go do something life-rewarding… like watching South park. “Besides, I tell myself… you don’t know if they actually like what you post… how many comments do you even get?” So this nomination is major inspiring and er… what’s the word?? Sha inspires me to dedicate more into writing for everyone that actually likes what i write you know?.

I actually love Teri’s blog. She’s so real and down to Earth you have to brush the soil off her to just talk to her. LOL. But really. It’s all no holds barred with her. Very inspiring for me who’s still struggling to toe the line and trying to decide if to let it all loose or not… I really REALLY appreciate this.

So from the rules I’m supposed to link the image to the awardee (she who honoured me) and then nominate 6 blogs I absolutely love. And here they other… in order of appearance in my mail box.

the precious is mine!!!
  1. Reasonably Ludicrous – two crazy guys on a mission to make me laugh
  2. Live, nerd, repeat– one crazy guy I’m pretty sure is wanted in some psycho unit. lol.
  3. The Birdie flies – one young girl that reminds me of me.
  4. Alariwo – story time from way many people. ALWAYS look forward to them.
  5. The ketchup war– one poor teacher with a couple of mad kids (not he’s)
  6. Sanctimoniously yours – life and times of a funny lady with a lot to say
  7. I know I’m supposed to just do six but seven is much more perfect: The Quirky Creative


Everyone is SO going to hear about this award!!!! 😀


16 thoughts on “An Award!!! My very first award!!!”

  1. OHWOW this is my very first blog award too! 😀
    Eeeee, thank you thank you thank youu! 😀

    “Besides, I tell myself… you don’t know if they actually like what you post… how many comments do you even get?” – I really like reading your posts btw. Funny stuff, some of them are. And in some of them, it seems like I’m reading a pretty articulate girl writing about stuff I’ve thought of myself. :O

  2. Hey!! Wow!! Thanks for giving me a shout-out!! I was so excited to get a mention. Hahahah I love ‘She’s so real and down to Earth you have to brush the soil off her to just talk to her.’ Awesome! (Ohhhh and btw, I told The Canadian One about your comment, he still insists it looks like a ‘9’…and he teaches Kindergarten! I know, it’s worrying! LOL!) Well done and congratulations on your award! 🙂

  3. Wait Wait… n i haff bee dulling.. ur Homepage is Stupid jor… it still shows ur old post thumbnails *Hisses n i haff been thinking u weren’t posting anytin* Hisses once again… now i haff a lot of posts to read *shrugs* i think i shld just even follow the blog last last n yeah THnks 4 the Nomination 😀

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