gRaFFiTi mEmOiRS

Write something: “Some room for you to express yourself a little. Parting words, most memorable moments… it’s entirely up to you. You could even get your friends to write stuff about you. Whatever you do, be sure to make it something special and worth remembering.:

…and then we were given this little two-lined space to write on our memories and i’m like what? This isn’t 50 first dates! I have a memory… i might forget faces and names but seriously?! Two lines? To summarize four years? That’s just wrong. 😦 So i built myself a proper wall.

                                                             My Wall

Hmmn… school was pretty much blah for me in 100. I, honestly, didn’t give a rat’s ass about anything studies… anything. It just rotated around going to cafe 2 in the evening to hang with friends. I mean the servers knew our crew. The suya guy had a crush on me and used to give me free suya. (. . ) ( . .) 😀 I was so not into anything and I hated large groups of people, which was pretty much how everything was… So much happened and all that. I remember things and I’m like *cringe* “oh Lord! Taiwo you did NOT do that!!” Like some crappy clothes that I thought were SO SO cool… one pair of massive trousers I had like this… (My Matric picture has being hidden where NO-ONE can ever find it). I even had a school bag. One pink creation with little brown hearts on it. (still have it)

Then, the Smiths; cousins I met in 200 lvl that I can barely live without now! The friends I’ve had since so long AND have stuck with me through this AMAZING journey…seen me at my worst and still hung there… Special shout-out to Dotun Morakinyo. WOOHOO!!! Right now, it’s really easy for people to be friends with me… given that I’m a more improved person than I was then. But the people i really count on are those that actually stuck to me through the times I was a mess.

And everyone I met… whatever you did (good or bad) making me ME. Especially those I’ve actually had fights with (not fist oh. my face is just too pretty for that ;)) it’s wierd but those times actually were cool thinking moments… like when i shouted at Akhere and walked her out of my room. Gawd! That was something! We used to eye each other for weeks… and then there was my pain in the ass roomie that now broke her leg… Beverly! (She WILL kill me!) and the last couple of ones *lips sealed*

My stupid-ass best-friend, Awe Umuomo, who is actually an animal in disguise (kiddin!) LOL. But we’ve known each other since forever (100 level)… hated each other through 200 level… talked our way via MTN through must of 300 and well… 400 now! It’s like wow! We’re still complete animals to each other but well… we’ve seen each other through a crap and high-water and I know she’s got my back… kinda.

And please oh! All the guys I’ve ever dissed! It’s nothing personal oh but y’all should really know that no is no. It’s not maybe… or hang-around enough… or chill… or hard to get… it really is isn’t at all. I SWEAR!!!! 😀

I remember the day Revo caught me for stabbing… it’s not like I was even stabbing oh. I freaking slept off and the door was open. I was in my underwear for Christ’s sake! That day was deadly. I was alresdy crying all puffy-red eyes and everything! …but then I got to the office and I knew the commandant phew! (wiping imaginary sweat).

and I remember er… one windows chatty thing… windows meeting space I WAS KING  QUEEN… I mean, it was a well known fact that Paul hall boys are half mad… but people you don’t know the half of it. but that thing was awesome! I even used to pretend to be a guy sometimes (OOPS!!) LOL!!

My first ever boy-friend arrived too. Greatest guy eVeR! Then there was summer for the carry-over of Chm 221. Frankly, for anyone who never had summer you missed a damn helluva lot oh!!! I mean, phones are allowed, barely any rules it’s actually the few times you can enjoy this school.

Then IT… actually the best time ever! I feel nothing but pity for CDS peeps. I mean 4 WHOLE YEARS IN CU (tufiakwa!!! LOL) For me…I could actually leave home without having to start giving addresses and names and numbers to my parents… and I finally developed the nerve to start using okadas! So many danfo buses and BRTs… I mean, I was EVERYWHERE! And all those incidences that shall never be mentioned (> <) poker face! Good stuff! Bad stuff! Freaky stuff! Crazy stuff! 400 level was and is a drama. I’m still making new friends and people are still saying: “I never knew you were like this… thought you were quiet blah… blah…”

But the real crown is calling home and be like “I’m coming home this weekend, don’t worry, I’ll find my way.” That’s actually a lie my parents will convulse if they find out I find my way home they think me and friends split payment for a cab or something…

Then this blog- Whoever it was that actually made me realize that word to paper is actually writing and inspired my blog… I give you hugs and kisses enmasse… or maybe just hugs (I ain’t kissing no girl oh!) Enitan Ilesanmi especially!!! my numero uno fan!!!!

                 I know it wasn’t as fun as a public school or some other private schools. But, I’ll be lying if I can imagine myself anywhere else and guess what, the years are gone… swallowed up by CU. I’m only going forward …and I won’t have it any other way. Every little thing I’ve being through have made the near-awesome person I am today and I look back and it was still a pretty amazing 4 years of my life.


10 thoughts on “gRaFFiTi mEmOiRS”

  1. “…My first ever boy-friend arrived too. Greatest guy eVeR…”.if he is d greatest guy ever then why did u break up wit him? and wat will d guy u wil get married 2 be? i guess ‘2nd greatest eva’

    “…for anyone who never had summer you missed…”
    u are just tryin 2 give urself an optimistic view of failin d course and not being totally realistic

    “u slept off, d door was open,u were in ur room and d service alredi began” if dats not stabin then tell me wat it is…and whu sigh if u were in ur underwear

    “…All the guys I’ve ever dissed! It’s nothing personal oh but…” i am takin it P u snub guyz too often, u dnt av 2 make it so obvious dat u are not interested,u shud create rum 4 unseen contingencies or shud some1 suffer bcos he luvs some1 witout d person luvin back

    finally i wonder why myname is not there cos i was very important in ur life

    1. ookkkkk… *lolling all d way here* u sound seriously pissed @ me ooohh!!! sorry for dissing u sha mr. Anonymous. as for my hubby being the 2nd greatest guy ever? NO WAY!!! he’ll be the AWESOMEST!!!!

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