guess what I’m wearing…

me in my cool beans 😉

I was able to get this awesome shirt courtesy of my friend, Dero. She’s a blogger too.  A couple of weeks  ago I wore it and someone said to me “I love your cool beans.”

No. it is not beans in shades or beans chilling out in the freezer to get away from this heat wave that is slowly turning my brown skin black. It’s the make of the shirt. And I had this flash back to my year three. At the time, in school, polos- RALPH LAUREN POLOS, were a big thing (my school has zillions of IN things per second we are an IN-THING driven university J). I happened to have one. I didn’t like it. it was this weird shade called mink with a white-collar and dark-blue lining. I even wanted to give it away or something. Anyways, I wore it out one day and someone said ‘I love your polo.’ He’s eyes fixed pointedly on the insignia on the side. I almost rolled my eyes but managed to get a thank you across too.

In all honesty, I love designers as much as the next person. I look forward to the day I buy my very first pair of Christian Louboutins. I wanted a Hermes desperately too and the Chanel quilted 4.5 was once on my list. That was before the chinese destroyed it though. But!

I am not freaked out by them.

I actually know someone who sees you wearing something she likes and will come along to your back to check the tag. WHILST YOU’RE STILL WEARING IT! she really doesn’t realise how many slaps she has missed at all.

I think the worst bit are those that go around name-dropping. The ones you just miss road with and say “I like your top” and respond with an “oh, its Derek Heart, I got it when I went to the states at that shop on the tenth street… you know the one.” Cool story, bro.

Don’t get it twisted, Designer clothes are awesome. Why? Because they are tailored to perfection. People are paying a heavy load of crap for that perfection. The only place people actually say “I’m wearing  Lagbaja* on Daddy Showkee*.” Are during does red-carpet events. Why? Because they are modelling the clothes. Yep. Guessed right. They don’t pay for the clothes and in exchange they advertise. Period. You pay for yours and still go round advertising… REALLY? How pathetic is that?

You telling me your dress is by Dorothy Perkins doesn’t qualify it as nice does it? Anymore than sleeping in a garage makes you a car or eating a banana makes you a monkey. People really ought to get a life. Trust me, there really is more to life than who you’re wearing and must of us aren’t beefing you  or wishing we were you. Nope. We really don’t give a f^&k… at least i don’t.


17 thoughts on “guess what I’m wearing…”

  1. About 6-7 years back, we’d gone to a birthday party and a girl had brought along 2 pairs of jeans to ask which one she should wear. I pointed at one (which was a Ralph Lauren and UGLY) and said – Definitely not this one. I’d seen the insignia too, but I thought it was fake, cuz those jeans were really Ugly 😛

    Anyway, this girl gets pissed off and starts saying – Do you even know what those are? They’re Ralph Lauren!

    Didn’t make them any less uglier in my opinion, but yeah, people like these piss me off.

  2. loooool Thomas pink shirts r not as fine as Tm or Giant sef *i knw i didn’t get d spelling 🙂 too lazy to google energy spent typin all dis wud haff been used to google d rite spellin ba bet i wudn’t do dat :p 😀 *

    Nice Post btw 🙂

  3. Just read my own mind on this post, i wonder wen people wld actually get it, i buy clothes if i like dem n if i cn successfully picture myself lukin gud in dem regardless of price, name place or watever… my big bro buys clothes online n still looks @ me lyk “dude whr do u shop???”

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