crazy girl on the loose


That was what she shouted when she ran into my room telling my room-mate this great news. “WOW, that makes you so much better now… now, you can say to anyone that  ‘HEY! YOU CAN’T TO TALK TO ME LIKE THAT!! LYNXX IS FOLLOWING ME ON TWITTER!!!’” however, in the midst of this tirade, another much calmer thought came to mind- to each their own.

Such a simple phrase innit? TO – EACH – THEIR – OWN. But when you actually use it in perspective, it’s a mindset that can let people actually live in peace. So, I actually sat and thought of a couple of things I do that’ld have people rolling their eyes all day long…

  1. Cartoons- I love cartoon like die. Omelette says I didn’t have a child-hood but that’s just yans. My child-hood was super awesome. I remember toys and playing (I use that word loosely) football with my brothers, I remember bicycle rides to the national stadium. I remember train rides at the trade fair and I remember journeys to Ado-Ekiti, Benin and Port-Harcourt. Abeg joor!!!
  2. Music played out loud- I love music and for full effect, its got to be full blast. In fact I remember one day I was in one class, my music set to a reasonably low level when one young evangelist bounced inside the class and started to play his christain songs at full blast. I took it personally. So because you are now a christain and we are in a christain university you can now disturb me abi?! but I swallowed spit and found ear phones to use. Played the music full blast and forgot about Christain Brother and everyone else. A couple of minutes later christain brother came to meet me. One thought passed through my mind. If this boy comes to form evangelist here ehn!!! Much to my embarrassment (N.B. I don’t get embarrassed. This is just what y’all mere mortals will feel), the ear-phone thing had fallen off since and Christain Brother’s friends had told him I was doing a ‘do me I do you God no go vex thing’ so he had come to apologise…
  3. Ranting ‘bout everything- I do that a lot. Like its not EVERYTHING I complain about on the blog…. Well almost not everything. I do that to my ever unwilling friends.
  4. Changing my clothes three times before leaving the hall- lol. This is funny actually. On  a normal day I can change my clothes about four times before I leave the hall or the house or whatever. The reason is supposed to be that I’m trying to identify the look i want for the day but the REAL reason is that I’m a vain piece of shit.
  5. Pecking on other people’s food- I do this a lot. Even food that is officially declared an ‘I DON’T LIKE’ as soon as a friend is eating it. I must have my own pecky bits from it.
  6. Being sarcastic – yeah well… comes with the territory.
  7. Sometimes I just do really weird stuff to people I know. Might ignore them or something and while I’m doing it, my mind is all like “babe! What the f&*k are you doing!?”but at that moment I just can’t control it. I have really forgiving friends.
  8. Trying to arrange the room differently –  my room mates can attest to having being subjected to the weirdest arrangements ever. Mutter about it or not… *raising shoulders* who sigh?
  9. Obsessive compulsive iron lady – I hate unironed clothes. I’m not the neatest person, in fact on the list of people that can be ominated to be neat I will not feature. Not even in the unlikely category. But I have an organization gene that ensures that I am not yet Babe the pig. To that effect I like my clothes relatively crease free.  So I iron away for Lagos! For Ogun! For Nigeria! Those at home are not privvy to this because well, family takes advantage of stuff like that.. and if your shirt is not ironed, i just might ask you why.
  10. Forgetting names and faces- yeah. I meet you now, you come back later. I cannot remember you. Face or plate number… nada. Now its actually better. Now, I meet people and I can probably remember your face. Name needs a bit of practice and random memos sha.

This are the planks I found lurking in my eye. So the next time I see someone doing weird-like things, I WILL still laugh at you because FACE IT, people’s weirdy dos are funny as shit… I mean on my own I’m like crazy girl on the loose.


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