Meet the Omelette

I like that he always sometimes mostly seems to find me.

I like hugging him the must cos he does that really well.

I like seeing him cos I miss him plenty (plus hes really cute J)

I like laughing at him cos laughing at Omelette is meant to be a no-no’

I like when he teases me cos revenge is sweet and I get to have mine back.

I like listening to him ‘cos he sounds like a movie… a bad indian romance movie.

I like that he thinks hes some sorta celeb, so I get to practice rolling my eyes. A LOT.

He hugs me tight

He holds my hand

He gives me pecks

He thinks Im SUPER FLY

He hates lightcos’ hes a vampire

He’s matric number is in his beard

He lets me walk around to my foots content.

And once in a while, he gets kiss-o-manic…

He says hes my boy-friend,

and I like him plenty.


p.s He probably is.


4 thoughts on “Meet the Omelette”

  1. I first thing I noticed in the photo is your shiny bracelet! A very elegant piece of jewellery. 😀

    Aww Omelette! Why choose that name by the way?

    Hugs! Holds! Pecks! Awesome 😀

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