enroute running away!!!


People come and see oh!!! I have done it again as in seriously, this time around I seriously need to get that omorogunย and use it to hit my head or something because there has got to be some major connection faults going on up there… or maybe there’s no electricity.

How did it come to this? How did I get to this head bashing point?ย I will tell you. It all started when my friend, Chisom, gave me a book… one of these crappy relationship manuals that are lame till you are actually in a relationship and then it starts to look like the words of a dalai lama.


In the course of my stupid unwanted and directionless reading i came across a whole load of stuff, that were actually in reality heavy crap but seemed like the words of the prophet: Boy energy, girl energy, balance of power… my yahoo mails even spilled with them. At a club some guy actually came to start with the whole relationship advice!

Then I made the mistake; I started to take the advice seriously. NOBODY EVER TAKES ADVICE SERIOUSLY. I mean, you do take advice seriously but from real people; certainly not from someone that’s trying to grind you at a freaking club! But alas I did not know this.

Instead of sitting down calmly to watch Spongebob, I started forming older and wiser and i thought to myself “young lady it seems people are seeing the wrinkles and the white hair oh! better know what you are doing oh!”ย and that was when i did it…

I blame many things:

I blame PHCN for allowing there to be light enough to charge my phone.

I blame my phone for actually sending it.

I blame MTN for actually having connection.

… and now i am going to change this blog name to Stone Cold Sober and disappear to Ghana.



14 thoughts on “enroute running away!!!

  1. DatCuteGuy

    What Ayob Alariwo is tryin to say was dat d guy advised u on d advantages of avin sex at dat tyme and u went ahead to do it. which in my own opinion is not a very bad thing

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