Looking good is as simple as x= (-b±√(b^2-4ac))/2a

Fashion is freedom of expression or is it? I think people love to deceive theirselves. Everything has rules. The person that made the piece knew what they wanted. They made a top and paired it with something at the store; you designer-stylist 2012, will now wear it as a dress because you are a ‘fashionista’ and some mad people will now say “OMG! Tots fab!”

And its not. Its not worth disturbing God about and it’s not fab either. It’s crap but nowadays fashion is just that. So in the year 2012 what is fashion?

Fashion fash·ion [fásh’n]: the art of developing a thick backbone and I-don’t-give-a-fuckism based totally on what everyone thinks and hoping that what you are wearing WILL catch their attention

And that’s it really it’s the biggest lie of the decade and no one knows. Let’s look at the queen and head of  this as at last year- Lady Gaga. Why is she in the lime light? She refuses to conform and all that shit but does she. Gaga in her life time as being knighted a lady by no one has never being caught dead in the simple why? We see the simple stuff everyday. There’s nothing eye-catching about simple except its on a great body and the colour combo is mad. Apart from that, we on our own. So what does Gaga do? She goes extreme. She knows that thing that she’ll wear that’ll make people go “oh-no-she-didn’t” we all do! But the difference between the sane and the well is that we all don’t go around wearing meat but she does. Because like harley drivers and woohoo girls, she thrives on the attention without that she just disappears into the background or God forbid! Actually looks normal. And gaga’s can’t do that.

And everywhere you keep hearing stuff like fashion is expressing yourself… fashion is being yourself…. Fashion is your inner self  It is. But look at Denrele now… look at Charley boy (who is actually over fifty years and still think he’s a boy) they look like fucking retarded fucks. All in the mind and hope that they look as mad as possible. They then have this i-don’t-give-a-fuckism look on their face that is mistaken for ‘confidence.’ It’s not.

So, please don’t get it twisted today’s fashionistas have no imagination. They’re just a bunch of people with issues they haven’t worked out yet who are DESPERATE for attention.


8 thoughts on “Looking good is as simple as x= (-b±√(b^2-4ac))/2a”

  1. plzz try to censor ur blog…some of ur morally inclined and ethically concious readers don’t like seeing the F word spelt in full…And the almighty formula is not dat simple since its the ALMIGHTY

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