So once in a while, we are thrust in moments that knock you out mentally. All you can think of is “what am i supposed to say now ehn?”

i call such awkarment = awkward moments

the first of such awkwardities’ is the moment when a you are blown with the favourite phrase in the ‘confuse women hand-out’ is:

I love you

In the occurrence of this you might be tempted to reply with a “talk your own i talk my own.” And say “i love you too.”


Or you might use the old “i love youtube”.

Again don’t

Below are some responses that will not leave you with a stalker.

  1. Duh.
  2. Ok. Do you know that…
  3. Of course you do, who wouldn’t
  4. Far be it from me to disagree
  5. Why?
  6. Laugh like a hyena
  7. It’s hard not to.
  8. Don’t worry plenty of people do too
  9. Cool story
  10. Ok. Bye.
  11. I love puppies..
  12. Most people do.
  13. Cool story, bro.
  14.  That makes two of us!
  15. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Good one!!!! I almost believed you!!!
  16. Thanks, I wish I could say the same for you.
  17.  I’d rather you didn’t.
  18.  Let me know how that works out for you!
  19.  I wouldn’t think too much of it, I get that all the time.

Disclaimer: Any occurrence after any of the replies is not the fault of the author. If the person who makes the declearance is drunk, high, an ex-convict, a convict, a killer, a fugitive OR is notably red-eyed and is holding a broken bottle or cutlass. It is expected you have the common sense to get out of the situation.


6 thoughts on “AWKWARMENTS 101”

  1. Hah! Nice one!

    When my first boyfriend said the three words and I wasn’t feelin’ it, I just went with – “Okay. Hmm. SO! What’s up?! :D”

    Now though, I’ve become a lot more casual and flirty about this and my responses tend to be similar to #3, #7, #12!

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