Single… and Searching?

Over time, I have realized there is a stigma attached to being single. If you’re single you obviously are searching. You can’t be doing anything else… a girl on her own is basically out to ‘catch’ a new person. Even if you‘re just getting out of a relationship. According to one young man I talked to the only way to get over a past relationship Is to rush head-on to another one. “but that doesn’t make sense does it,” I argued intelligently “the girl will be using the present guy to get over the former, especially if it was a bad break-up.” He, the wise one, then proceeded to tell me I was being childish and illogical. The wise one also told me that older guys are wiser and younger guys don’t know how to treat girls. Basically went Off-Point from there. But what had brought up the court? He had asked me if I was in a relationship. And I had said yes.

I wasn’t but I was not going to make the mistake of telling him that. The last time I had being stupidly honest like that I then became the bad-girl later having to tell the guy I was not interested in him, no it wasn’t anything about him I just didn’t connect with him, no he shouldn’t wait for me to grow into liking him, I just did not like him period. Needless, to say, he didn’t get the point so, I have him blocked from my Facebook account and I don’t pick his calls.

Since then, I have hidden shamelessly behind my ‘boy-friend’s’ trousers. Telling each and every interested prince charming that: yes, I do have a boy-friend; no, you cannot steal me from him; yes, I love him a lot; he’s my everything; so no, don’t wait for something to go wrong; yes I think it’s headed for marriage.

Even then you’re not really safe from harassment, they’re always a couple who are chilling and even arrogant enough to demand their own share of your time.

In fact just yesterday, when I went over to buy credit. I met one of these aspiring young ‘uns. All my hints ‘no time’ ‘there’s no need’ ‘I don’t have time’ ‘it’s totally unnecessary’ flew right into his head, certified that the brain had gone on vacation, and flew right out the window.

I don’t have a problem with guys on a whole at all, but when they have this air of ‘I like you’ around themselves and look at you with big goo goo ‘love me back’ eyes they become, well, a bit dense. From the guy-table, I have heard them say thing like “hey I’m just looking for a friend and freedom no strings and all” IT’S A LIE!!! Like late in the last week when it was demanded of me by one such ‘friend’ that I come and see him because he was flying out the next day. He was outside my house by EIGHT O’CLOCK IN THE MORNING! I mean, he woke me up! And I said no, I couldn’t. Trust me that didn’t go down well with sunny-boy, he begged then resorted to shouting till I hung up. THAT was my supposed friend.

The thing with these species of guys is that everything you say, every call, every text has to be carefully scrutinized because, you’re on egg shells with them. They aren’t looking for a new buddy. NO. They want your body (LOL. Note the rhymes) and a moment you spend with them is a ‘step-closer’ in the right direction. Or so they like to think. But then, I suppose some girls do give off the “I-don’t-have-a-man-please-love-me” aura which is weird really; I think being single is awesome … I have recently realized the joy of harmless flirting with as many guys as i want and guess what none of them gets to call you out on it… i have also discovered the joy of random dates


6 thoughts on “Single… and Searching?”

  1. Ohh I’ve met quite a few of these stalker-boys kinds.
    My method to getting rid of them is to simply stop replying to their calls/chats/texts. As for those I know in person? I start avoiding them. After a while, I guess the get the hint.
    Lol @ the guy who turned up at your house at 8 am! Hahahaha!

      1. I know, I’ve talked to many a weirdo when I was younger, only cuz I felt bad ignoring them :/

        I shudder to think the things I gave out! I gave out my phone number! To strangers over the Internet. Ugh.

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