So far, so good :)

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Its being a long time coming… I know, I’m sorry but I have had a lot on my mind. On a normal day, I’m a thinker but on special occasions, even I get overwhelmed by the depth of my thoughts. Most especially when I’m not acting on them.

For one, publicity of the blog is awesome with my largest of about 1500 for Nigeria alone… WHOOP! WHOOP!! REPPING 9JA! However, i have a desire to be real. Unlike Facebook, which is now taken over by my well-meaning uncles and aunts; and twitter, which I can gradually see becoming a community of my friends, this blog is the only place I get to air my true real views. So, I will be reducing the publicity to zero. Nil. Nada. If you’re not following the blog personally, I’m afraid you can’t be notified of anything going on. I’m not living a secret hidden life but people are judgemental and I don’t need that kind of negativity. I had actually considered just opening a new blog and starting all over. But I like this blog… Its name and everything. It’s all me so if you don’t like anything feel free to look for a wall to bash your head into.

Secondly, me and omelette are off. Again. To those of you who remember one of my very first posts: 2 weeks and a broken-heart… its been hidden for a while now and rooting for humpty dumpty. Those were all me and omelette in action. We’ve being doing this on/ off thing for over a year so, this is no newbie. It’s a bit disappointing though cos i thought we were more settled and all that but whatever, life moves on. I did promise myself if there was an ‘off’ again it will be all over so VOILA. I’m not in a relationship anymore. By the way, Omelette is not the #1 guy in my ‘Cheese for the camera’. Those are two VERY different ppl.

Thirdly, I’ve being trying to get my Christian life in check. You see, past all this I’m firstly a Christian and I need it to be much more than having a good time in church, I need a personal relationship with Him as #1, which involves all this worldly things I naturally desire to take #2. Harder said than done but acceptance is the first step or so they say in Alcoholics Anonymous: ‘I am Taiwo and I’m trying to be a better Christian.’

Fourthly, (is that a word? No. Let’s just go with it) is finding a direction for my life. I’m so happy I don’t have a job yet. I do but, it’s basically consultancy for my dad so, it doesn’t really count. It’s a God send for now, so I can map out a clear chart in my head before jumping in and out of projects.

Fifthly, ok this is starting to sound really stupid, i want to delve into writing of stories too. There’s a brand new segment for that called ‘STORIES!!!’ I’m posting this from my phone so I can’t link it yet.

…and last but not least (sixtly. LOL.) is another added menu just on my hair journey. That’s basically a three-year regimen to see how long my hair can grow with a no-expense-too- big, no-smell-too-pungent campaign. Expected length is over bra strap length. Let’s see how that goes.

That’s about it… My life in motion pictures. 🙂
(Please any corrections or typographical alarms should be refrained from till you try to make a blog-post via your phone at night while fighting off mosquitoes. Thank you.)


5 thoughts on “So far, so good :)”

  1. Hello.
    Good to hear from you. Good to know that you’re still alive.

    Finding a direction for life is so goddamn difficult. I almost give up on it at times and think – Let’s go where life takes me.
    But no, I’m not that much of a free soul to be able to live comfortably with that.

    I don’t know what to say about you and Omelette being off again. I really like omelette, you know, but I like scrambled eggs better. 😀
    But, should I offer condolences?

    I’d love to read stories written by you! I write a bit too. Or “used to write”. I haven’t written anything fictional in Years.

  2. I’m so sorry for the silence… Twitter almost succeeded in sucking me in and helping to forget there’s somewhere else i prefer posting things. About omellete , lol… I prefer scrambelled eggs too. i’ll link you up to one of the posts bout him of since. Trust me, on/ off relationships are a bummer. And i so wish i coul drift with the life direction thing but i know what i want at the end and i gotta work towards it. I also appoint you my story critique. Please PLEASE PlEaSe!!!

    1. I’ve not been posting either. College reopened and suddenly there’s too much to do, and oh look, I’m not doing it, I’m commenting on people’s blogs and stalking girls on Facebook. Haha. 😛
      Oh yes, send me your stories. I’ll critique them for sure 🙂

      I think I did read that post of yours. Guess it’s good riddance then! Let’s find you Scrambled Eggs 😉

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