The wallet and she…

Hey y’all!!! How’s everyone?!! I hear a bit of ‘chilling’ as replies. YOU DON’T SAY! The weather is starting to catch up with us here too. Seems the rain has run out of its 200-day punishment… So, we welcome dry and cold and dusty Harmattan in yonder Nigeria. I hate rainy season God knows, but walking around with dust being sprayed strategically on me fills my skin (and lungs) with horror. Not to talk of my poor cracked lips. Also putting a bummer on my bus jumping paroles *sad sigh*

But I digress, today’s post comes from my fellow blogger and photographer , @ayob_ … the photography bit is doubtful though, word on twitter is that camera for sale. Feel free to 240 grand or something *Big People Thingz*…but that’s for another day. Here is @ayob_

*passing the mic*

Toyin comes out… he smiles… he has been tracking her for a long while now and last month she finally agreed to go on a first date with him. The date went Ermm!!! Let’s just conclude that she wanted to see him again sha ^_^

‘How was your day hun?’ Taiwo asked.

‘Ermm!! I thought you asked me that already via twitter’ Toyin replied

Taiwo: *scratches his punk hair cut Big Head* yeah but that was via twitter now

Toyin: *shrugs* My day was cool, classes all day, then tweeting all evening and you how was your test?

Taiwo: *smiles*…. Awww she remembered about my test, means she care about me small sha he said to himself

Taiwo: It was great, love …. I kinda knew it all.

Toyin: hehehe!! How come..? You didn’t read naww ; you were chatting with me via DM(s) all night .. *raised eyebrows*

Taiwo: Ermm! I’m smart like that *Big Grin*

Still strolling away from her hall….
“Where are we going to? Because I’m hungry.. I want to eat ASUN (Spiced meat) from café “ Toyin voiced.

His eyes scanned her from her head to her toes… Nice “Sponge Bob square pants” T-shirt, well tucked in her grey high waist Pocket free pants trousers with a colourful Slippers….wait what’s on her hands ? a handkerchief on the left hand, aha ahan NO WALLET and she wants to eat ASUN! “Girls sha, and this girl told me 30 mins ago via DM that she was eating dinner” He said to himself.

Toyin cleared every other funny thoughts going through his mind and finally said. “Ermm ok let’s go Taiwo”, hoping the 250naira with him would be enough to get her the ASUN, though he had not eaten/gotten dinner yet.


So that is it …

If you were in Taiwo’s shoes what would you have done? Consider he is tracking the babe o!! It is not only an alarming trend, but in my view it’s just a scam and Err!! I think it’s allowed for a dude to pay the bills when on a date with a lady, but that doesn’t mean the lady shouldn’t be with spare cash or emergency cash as I call it .
What if he doesn’t show up for the date and you are hungry?
Or what if his wallet gets missing?

Or maybe he is too broke at the moment to get you something to eat?
What do you do..? Stay hungry?!

Annoyingly, most ladies when coming to meet their boyfriends, purposely don’t come out with their wallets and expect to go back with the best meal sold; they expect this dude tagged “Boyfriend” buying their meals everyday… aha ahan fear GOD naww .. How much does your father give your brother as his pocket-money per month ? Did I hear you say 40k? Oya let’s go to MAT111

N40,000 given per month

I pack of Pepper Rice/Chinese Rice– N600

Money spent on Food per every night’s when Tracking = Taiwo + Toyin
= 600+ 600 = 1,200

Total money spent per month on food when Tracking =1200 x 30= 36000
Money left from pocket money- 40000-36000 = N4000

*Ends Class*

That N36000 is only for food o! Calculate drink money too and that’s just for Dinner o!! What happens to him buying lecture notes of even breakfast and Lunch (*oh ok garri can come in here sha*)

N.B: That is even if his Dad gives him 40k per month -_-

Your val’s gift and birthday gifts are still there o!! *Faints*.

A friend of mine used to save N3,000 every month for his gfs birthday gift i.e 3 x 12= 36k (maybe he would buy an IPod Touch then add money for cake) and she gives him nothing in return, *sad face* and yet they say we are not the stronger gender…

*Throws Mic away and then walks away from the podium *

@ayob_ reporting for


*Picks Mic from the podium and rolls eyes*

…such a drama queen. LOL. And the Taiwo there is not me oh!!! Before one mugu will not connect that Taiwo can also be a guy’s name… loolz.

But really… is it wrong for girls to expect to be ‘taken care of’ when going on dates with their guys? And guys ,honestly, if your babe doesn’t even chill to check if you’re paying before she starts buying her stuff, will you be cool with it? Hit me up and tell us what’s up…

@ayob_ is the Editor of a famous Blog site; and rants on his personal blog . You can all catch him there….

Till next time… peace y’all!!


25 thoughts on “The wallet and she…”

  1. Ayo, you know this!
    Those scam artists that become so friendly in the evenin when sharwama, Pizza nd peppered rice comes out.
    Np #Ole Buruku by P-square for them.
    (Y) on the write up.

      1. We’ve gotten smart o.
        Gone are the days of pairing at night, now we have open afternoon dates and retire before 6pm… That way, you guys don’t get us.

      2. shioor. as if there isn’t Bashan or Canaan restaurant or even the lecturer’s place in cafe 2. ordinary shopping mall is enough oh! this your plan has plenty holes oh… you still have weeks to plan better.

      3. oohhh… see you. Esther hall girls are small girls oh aka catch-them-young… buy them food and fanta there’d be happy… they donno Jack! Is it Dorcas or Lydia that on a normal day get bashan and 5 alive, on their own pocket oh, that you’ll now start to catch trips with. If its like that, you can like to gba your parents when you get to school now.

  2. Yay AyoB!!! Highly impressed. Ehen back to the issue at hand… Guys stop tryna impress at ur expense. If she’s urs and ur intentions re right then she will end wiv u and if it goes the other way, thank God for saving u frm a bad relationship. However, both parties, especially the male should always try to do things that will make the relationship remain fresh and that include parting wiv money (most times)

  3. First off, WTH are u still with a gal that spends the bulk of your allowance. It ain’t logical. You can buy her gifts from time to time but the issue of buying her food every time should be ruled out.
    Buying her food = guardian, buying her gifts = lover
    Also, from the story i culdn’t tell their gender apart. You made errors there.

    1. guys are just always trying to form… if she comes out and says she wants asun… tell her ‘babe… i don’t have money for it oh…. i haven’t even eaten.’ its not a big deal. if she give a ‘f’ bout you, she’ll make sure you get food. and if she doesn’t… good riddance to smelly, eewwy rubbish..

  4. Loool, this post tho…. I really don’t see anything wrong in a guy buying a gurl’s/ his gurl’s lunch or wateva buh nt on a reg tho! And it only becomes wrong when she’s imposing it on him! 😀

  5. Its not bad to go the extra mile if u’re certain of where u stand but when out of four pockets, there’s money in just one, u gats press brake. If d babe get sense, she’ll understand.

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