The Mirror house 1

“Where are they sitting? Have you seen them yet?” The grey suit asked. It’s owner’s red eyes were hidden behind sunglasses, giving him the look of a cute racoon.

“They don’t sit together…” the yellow gele replied as it adjusted its wrapper.

“Why are you just telling me? Am I supposed to go round the whole church looking for her?” There was barely suppressed irritation in the grey suit. It hadn’t planned to be here today.

“Tunji, I don’t care what you do… but if you don’t give me her number today, we will both go to their house tomorrow.”

“Mummy,” he’s voice took on a softer tone “Why don’t you just get it from her mum… don’t you talk to her?”

“I don’t want to ask her mother. Ah ahn, with all the girls always around you, why are you scared of her? Just get the number.”

With that final command, mother left son and disappeared into the perspiring singing and dancing throng that was the congregation. After a moment of glaring at the receding yellow gele, son shuffled in behind her, carefully avoiding the eyes of the usher on the right at the entrance as he shook hands with the man beside her. The man’s mouth was moving, he was saying words… words that probably featured around some scheme that needed funding. Finally, Tunji broke away from him. He could feel the razor-sharp gaze of the usher beside the man boring into he’s back as he glanced around the church for the girl.

He really wished he could actually move around to look for what’s-her name but he hadn’t dreamt to be anywhere close to church today. The aftermath of he’s early morning drinking had caught up and overtaken him. He needed a seat far. He needed silence, his head hurt.He needed to be alone, his heart hurt. He located a pew at the very back and sat.  Deep in the recess of his jacket, his phone vibrated. It was a text.

You’ll say you did not see me abi?

Toyosi. He couldn’t help but wonder what part of ‘leave me alone’ was confusing her understanding. When three weeks ago she had started following him on twitter, he hadn’t known the kind of madness he was dealing with… till she had introduced herself to him in church as an usher, signed up at he’s gym, and somehow gotten his phone number. He was also sure he had seen her around the estate once… He put the phone back into his pocket. He did not have the energy or time for her today.

A deep sigh escaped his lips. The pounding in his head was not agreeing with the poundings of the drum. He rested his head against the wall, allowing the AC behind him to cool him. Years of boarding school had honed in him sleeping abilities. Amidst the controlled confusion in the church, Grey suit dozed off. Another vibration of the phone woke him,  a longer one; a phone call. He glanced at the screen. Dammy. She would be waiting for him outside. Skipping church and going to lounge at her place made sense but, he wasn’t in the mood. He didn’t need that right now.

A  woman shuffled into the pew. She eyed him, eyes zeroing in on the phone in his hand. In his heart, he dared her to say a word. Adults… like they started to get halos as soon as their bodies started to sag. He put off the phone. The girls in the church could very well manage without him for one day…

As he’s mind drifted off in sleep, he’s mind zeroed in on one picture, of one girl. One beautiful dark-skinned angel.


Church had finally ended and Yellow gele had finally finished with the money-sniffers that hounded her after each service; Not like she was bothered by them… she basked in the attention that was usually unleashed once people realized you were wealthy. Tunji, still being in church was new though. He looked like he had slept in the car. She knew something was wrong but pushing him had never brought answers so, she went straight to the matter at hand.

“did you get the number?”

“no… I didn’t see anyone that knew her.” A lie.

“no problem dear, we’ll go to the house tomorrow.”

“ehn, can’t you go on your own with Musa… I’m not really –”

“Musa is off tomorrow.”

“Thank you madam,” The suit driving said, he’s white teeth flashed through the rear view mirror.

In the back seat, Tunji squinted through the dark haze of his mind…  something was going on here that he couldn’t put his finger on. Something his brain could have understood but for its alcohol ridden state; The only thing he’s mind was focused on was the memories of last-night… memories that refused to be drowned by the alcohol… memories that revolved around the dark-skinned angel he once thought was his…


14 thoughts on “The Mirror house 1”

  1. A bit fascinating because some things have not been said and for that, I look forward to the next episode. Asides that, from my own understanding of being inebriated, the aftermath hits you straight away unless you were talking about something else. And I don’t understand why you kept on substituting his for he’s…… In all, good job.

    1. thanks…. I’ve never being drunk before (one day, i will be) but i know the aftermath… will probably describe it as more of a morning thing. the “he’s” affair… need to get my first aid book

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