a short story: The glass rose

beautiful, odorless and empty

I had a best-friend once. She wasn’t Yoruba, I wasn’t Edo and it didn’t matter.
She looked like me… or so we were told when she transferred to my school in senior year. After a brief study of each other’s faces we agreed that everyone else was seeing things; we looked nothing alike. But a seed was planted and our friendship blossomed.

Three years passed pretty quickly and we got into the same Varsity. Schedules, classes, new-friends came in and we didn’t see as much but when we did, we stumbled into catching up on each others lives: She wasnt sure of her course, the girls hated her; she had a crush, his girl-friend was abroad… I didn’t like my course, CU Boys were retards… We laughed and talked till early hours on those days.

The day came that I met the boy… and I saw what she didn’t. I saw his interest spike… An interest in me. He began to appear everywhere. There was nobody to speak with… Nothing much to tell and yet there was everything. One day, he asked if we could meet up… get my room number, ‘I like you a lot’ were his exact words.

I told my friend, my best friend in the whole world, everything he said. “I told him no. I’ve being avoiding him, but yesterday a girl came to look for me and was…” I never finished the sentence.

A slap here and a slap there. “slut!” “Bitch!” “Back-stabber!” She pulled at my top when I tried to run… tore it right off me. Then punched me in the stomach. I doubled over, coughing blood. Who was this monster? I saw her pick something… There was a sharp spasm of pain and I knew no more.

I saw white, I saw cards, i saw flowers. Heaven, I thought, about time too… Till the head ache came. I lifted my arm to check said head and I saw a tube disappearing into my skin under a brown slab of plaster. Confusion reigned.Β A part of my head was shaved off around what felt like a deep groove. It hurt to touch.

What had happened to me?

A lady in white soon appeared. She seemed happy I was awake “you’re lucky you didn’t break anything… A fall from the second floor is not a joke.”

She never came to see me, my best-friend that is, never sent a card, never said sorry…

I had a best-friend once… She could have killed me over a guy.


15 thoughts on “a short story: The glass rose”

  1. Oh wow. The last line gave me the shivers.

    But you know, somehow, the story seems hurried. Like you wrote it in a hurry. You should elaborate it a little bit more. It will heighten the shivery feeling. πŸ™‚

      1. Yeah it’s started and I have taken a course overload which is keeping me quite busy! I’m also planning to run in a half marathon πŸ˜€

        A is good. We went on a date or two before school started, but since then things have been a little lame. We both came very close to deciding to break up last night, because we both felt uninteresting to the other. That needs to be sorted out.

        How are you? πŸ™‚

      2. awww… You don’t sound put out about A so, I dont know what to think yet. The marathon? Wow! YOU GO GIRL!! That’s going to be a lot of work to prepare for, and with your school load?
        Anyway I’m pretty confident you can handle it. Dont forget to keep me posted oh…

  2. I’ll go with the first commenter…(Or is it commentator?) *shrugs
    And yes, this story dosent deserve to be a short story.. It should be longer.
    Its good though.
    I’ll love to meet the friend, throwing you from the second floor wasn’t smart at all.. When we have 3rd and 4th… *evil grin*… kidding o!

  3. wow..
    shows u didnt really know who ur friend was after all..
    i enjoyed the story tho…
    but pls tell me its fiction.
    throwing sm1 from d second floor in c.u iznt beans o.

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