The mirror house 2

The sun peeked out from behind fluffy clouds, its afternoon had just begun. It glances into the room, and glistens on the polished furniture. with it dances a cool breeze, bringing in the scent of freshly cut grass.

Somewhere in the recesses of the room lay a girl… a woman. She is beautiful. Her eyes are closed and she is still; sprawled, as she is, on the chaise lounge at the foot of which is a dog. She is garbed in an aqua blue chiffon gown with a sprinkling of gold on the neckline and at the edge of the dress. The playful breeze flirts playfully with the hem-line of her dress, kissing her ankles gently and sauntering out.

It is a beautiful picture… would have been but for the discrepancies around; the long dried tear streaks on her face, the gash on her forehead, the shards of broken glass that surround the furniture, the rip at the front of the gown and the blood…

The dog ears perk up. There’s the sound of hurried feet as a man runs in. His eyes take in the brutal scene that greet him; pausing his sprint. He is now reluctant to approach. Rooted to the spot by the fear of what might be… His hands are shaking by his side, his heart is beating heavily in his chest, sweat trickles down his back. The air in the room becomes too heavy to breathe… he starts to breathe through his mouth. A sound that wakes the dog. He wills his legs to run as he takes a step towards her form but he is in a daze… a daze of disbelief. Each step closer to the realization of what the walls might have seen in this room  .

6   m o n t h s   e a r l i e r


He checked his watch for the umpteenth time. Thirty minutes! He had been downstairs now for thirty whole minutes. How long did it take to dress and she had already been dressed when he had left her… just the ‘petite parfum’ as she called it. He had already checked the car, made sure the TV was on for the dog and looked through the papers. Again. He took in another breathe.

“How do I look?”

He snorted. He wasn’t in the mood of all these little games she persisted in. They were going to be late. As usual.

“C’mon let’s just go.”

He saw her face fall. He did not need this… It wasn’t like he wanted her sad but the later they got the more of a waste the evening will be. He really didn’t want to be stuck with her all evening. She’d just make the evening suck.


Wura couldn’t help the disappointment that welled up in her. it was stupid really, thinking that wearing a pretty dress would suddenly make everything go back to normal. Suddenly, she wasn’t good enough, or funny or interesting anymore. She had hoped the week she had taken off work  would change things… remind him…of what she did not know. He knew she loved him with everything in her… why then did he persist in treating her like the lice she had found on Fluffy.

Truth be told, she didn’t know who he was or what he wanted anymore… She felt she had suddenly become something of a bore to him. Maybe he had met someone else, Or maybe it was sex? He probably thought she was being childish about the whole virginity thing… She wished now that she hadn’t thought up this week together, hadn’t asked to come along… he wasn’t excited by her coming along but she knew if she capitulated he would be even less pleased.

“C’mon let’s just go.”

With a deep sigh, a heavy heart and regrets a mile long, Wura preceded him out into the sunshine.



(on the phone)

Segun: dude how far the party?

Tunji: On point mehn! Babes dey like booze for here! You sef where you dey? One girl here being dey ask for you oh!

Segun: I’m on the way…

Tunji: lataro… (since morning)

Segun: ehn… Wura is coming…

Tunji: *laughs* na so you guys don tight abi? no be you wey talk say she don dey do you somehow… (aside: THAT IS MY SONG!! DJ I LOVE YOU!!!) Guy we go talk— (line cuts)

Jesus! Which babe now? Another one… how am I going to get rid of Wura first, not to talk of another one…

A confused sigh escaped him. He felt a hand on his thigh and felt irritation well up on him. This girl really didn’t know when to take a hint.

“what’s wrong honey?”


… but what if it’s someone I know, like a BB contact? BB contact won’t be bad oh… those babes fresh die!

“you’re frowning.”

“I’m fine.”

Like that Ada girl. If all her pictures are photoshop I’ll eat my boxers. That babe is tight! I won’t mind her showing up oh.  But wait oh, Wura is still here. Father Lord, why me?

“who did you call?”


“aww… Tunji? How is he?”.

“Look, babe,  I need to concentrate on driving.”


via Twitter

@Ϣura: I hate him 😦

@Dæmm¿C¿ous: babe what’s up RT @Ϣuraᵠ: I hate him 😦

@ɋuәen: It’s Segun abi? I’ve told you to ‘X’ that boy RT @Ϣuraᵠ: I hate him 😦

@Mr.Flex: K RT @Ϣuraᵠ: I hate him 😦

@ThatIboBoy: ½ K + ½ K = k  RT @Mr.Flex: K RT @Ϣuraᵠ: I hate him 😦

@Pehlumi: LMAO RT @ThatIboBoy: ½ K + ½ K = k  RT @Mr.Flex: K RT @Ϣuraᵠ: I hate him 😦

@Ϣuraᵠ: Y’all gotta b high on cheap skunk! You don’t just add your mouth in shit ‘cos you’re bored, aiit! Get your bow legs outta my mentions!

@ɋuәenᵠ: (//_ O) @Mr.Flex @Pehlumi @ThatIboBoy

@emy№5: sweetie what’s wrong? RT @Ϣuraᵠ: I hate him

@Ϣuraᵠ: @Dæmm¿C¿ous @ɋuәenᵠ @Ɽemy№5. Segun brought me to this club, stayed with me for like 5 minutes. Brought drinks and one of his friends to ‘watch me’, then he just disappeared. That was over an hour ago… I saw him dancing with one busty girl before… now I can’t even see him anymore.  And he has put off his phone

@TȱmiLuv: Asshole. What club are you at? If it’s VI, I’ll come get you.

@Ϣuraᵠ: @TȱmiLuv™ at Lounge 360, where Bola did her birthday party.

@ThatIboBoy: you go fear anger oh…

@Ϣuraᵠ: @ThatIboBoy *middle finger*

@TȱmiLuv™: are you serious? I’m right here too. Meet me outside, let’s trash this dump.

@ɋuәenᵠ: @Ϣuraᵠ @TȱmiLuv™ Y’all should come down to my place @Dæmm¿C¿ous and @Ɽemy№5 are here.

@Pelhumie: Why will he not leaves you? Idiot!!

@TȱmiLuv™: (((GBAGAUN ALERT))) RT @Pelhumie: Why will he not leaves you? Idiot!!

@ɋuәenᵠ: Oh no she didnt!! RT @TȱmiLuv™: (((GBAGAUN ALERT)))  RT @Pelhumie: Why will he not leaves you? Idiot!!

@Ɽemy№5: Oh yes she did!! RT @ɋuәenᵠ: oh no she didnt!! RT @TȱmiLuv™: (((GBAGAUN ALERT)))  RT @Pelhumie: why will he not leaves you? Idiot!!

@Dæmm¿C¿ous: LMAO… Village idiot on the loose!!

@Ϣuraᵠ: @Dæmm¿C¿ous @Ɽemy№5 @ɋuәenᵠ @TȱmiLuv™ LWKMD… y’all are crazy!!

@Pelhumie: Stupid girls!! Going up and down and be forming big when it’s just to open leg for money!!

@Dæmm¿C¿ous: Chill, but who the hell is this retard –>@Pelhumie…. Mehn I will bitch slap the ugliness and the tribal marks off your AVI! You think we’re all valueless retards like you? Can’t even spell your own name.

@Ɽemy№5: @Dæmm¿C¿ous free the retard jooh. @TȱmiLuv™ get @Ϣuraᵠ over here and let’s get this party started!!!


 Special shout-out and eskimo kisses to @dan_danso (Daniel Danso) and @ketanduEzeji (Ketandu Ezeji) aka KK for letting me pick their brains to get a guy’s insight at one in the morning.


9 thoughts on “The mirror house 2”

  1. Better,i’ve never even thought of writing like this. Awesome improvements, although your description in the opening lines were a little bit confusing.nicely done!

  2. I was beginning to wonder how you got the club scenario…. The guy leaving the babe and telling a friend to watch after her…. It really happens…. I liked the twitter part, must have taken alot of work. The story was of a different style from that of part 1 and definitely better. It seemed as if u lifted it out of a novel and there was also a consistent spelling mistake.

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