“Hey there! I’m Mad!!”

*sigh* it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything of value and sense hasn’t it? Well, today you lucky drunks are in for a treat! I give you an inspirational blogger and friend @damstylee, he blogs here. CHECK IT OUT! and thank me when you’re done. Feel free to comment and share… it’s free!!!


Before I start, let me introduce you to the insults I’m gifted with daily. From friends, family, lovers, even lecturers;

Dammy, you’re crazy!

Michael, you’re insane!

Michael Awonowo Damilola, you’re mad!
Duh! Those are my initials. *kmt

So back to today’s million dollar question;

“Is being mad good?”

We are all guilty of a fault; calling that mad man on your road mad. We’ve all laughed one time or the other at the dirty fellow that roams the streets ranting and screaming at God knows who.
Some are quite creative and they add little dance steps to their show for your entertainment and what do we pay them back with; laughter and insults..

Before you start feeling guilty, am not an activist, so am not here to fight for the mad men, I’m here to fight for “Madness” as a talent.

You see, outstanding people one way or the other have been extreme in their quest to greatness. By extreme, I mean being mad.
Or what else would you call a man that sells all his assets and invests them into a risky business at a go, or a man who drops out of school to teach himself at home.
I don’t know what you call them, but I call them mad people.

I’m mad… so what’s next?

To suceed in this life, you have to go extreme a little. Push the boundaries, think outside the box, take dangerous risks and hope they end up in your favor. So when my friends call me mad, what I hear is “Dammy, you’re too ambitious”, when they say am crazy, “I hear Dammy, you’re gonna be great”.

Note: Being Mad is good but there is a type of Madness that is not good. If your friends call you mad, and your life has no direction, you’re probably really mad. And here I mean the bad type of Mad.

Moral Lesson: Be Mad today because Mad is the new sane, Mad is the new successful, Mad is the juju to standing out in the crowd.
Mad Men run the world!
And this is where I drop my pen!

Ciao Readers!
Stay Mad! 😉


9 thoughts on ““Hey there! I’m Mad!!””

  1. As a graduate of the Institute of MPDs, I thoroughly understand what you are saying sir.

    Madness is Life. Our greatest scholars and ‘soothsayers’ have all been termed mad men in one point or the other in their individual lives.

    My word of wisdom therefore is “Embrace Madness for there-in lies the greatness within”

    P.S: I envy your initials (. . )

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