…a touch of paradise

I hate life…

Some might find this statement funny, hilarious and unreal. But there you have it… Given the choice of life and death, I’d have the Grim-reaper worried and death wondering about its sting.

I hate the fact that I was ever born and  put into this cycle;

schooling-> Job -> marriage -> children -> grand-children -> death

Yes. That is it people.

That is the 6-part cycle of your existence. Funny isn’t it? Doesn’t look so awesome staring at you like that now does it? That scanty share of words is the explanation of your entire life. Well, I have had that brevity of life staring at me since I was seventeen and after each moment of laughter, each flitting moment of happiness, I ask myself… “is this it?”

Is this supposed to make my life more worthwhile? Is this supposed joyous moment to add a piece of sunlight to my lonely existence?

Honestly, if it was said at some point in the bible you are permitted to commit suicide, I would have…. Since I was seventeen.

There is this prayer, that Yoruba households pray; you shall live to see your children’s children.


What is the point? If I see them, ehen, what next?

I guess you can call this a depressing, but it’s true and it’s me. My blog, my rules. I guess this wasn’t the touch of paradise you were looking for when you read the topic… but the first real touch of paradise I will feel is when I die. Everything else… all these things are just my flirtatiousness  with vanity.


P.S I have these blue highlights in my hair and they are TOTALLY awesome!! More on this in my next post

Yours in Mistiness ,

The Drunk Archer.

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23 thoughts on “…a touch of paradise”

  1. I swear you look like a bunny. :$
    But seriously, If we sit back and consider the “sadness” of our lives, we won’t really do anything. Our lives would be blase. Lets instead embrace the light present around us. You could negate the rule of thumb. If you want don’t follow the trend you have stated above, *shrug*
    Just do what pleases you. Do what gives you joy. No matter how little the bursts of joy are.

    Carpe diem Bunny, Carpe diem.

    1. you, fuzzy, have made a point…. its just sometimes I’m worried that maybe I’m missing out on doing smth I’m supposed to be doing y’know… some ppl just float through life… it’d be nice to have that.

      1. Just do what makes you happy, That way you aren’t missing out on anything. Life is beautiful. Even I haven’t seen it yet. Maybe having the Lord might also help. 🙂
        Do you want to float through life?

  2. That’s how I used to think of life.
    We’ve been forcibly brought into this world, and now we can do nothing but just get along somehow. Go through it. Enjoy it, or not.

    Now I think, okay, you’re in a situation, why not make the best of it? You can feel depressed and sad, OR, you can feel happy and excited! 😉

    Blue hair looks great! I wanted blue, but I didn’t get it because the stylist told me it would fade in 1-2 weeks and I wanted something longer lasting. So what do you plan to do once it fades? Dye it back or chop it off?

  3. Omo, life is too short for iranu nd depression…
    U have a limited time to live so make very good use of it…
    We’ve all been forced to go to school nd getting a job after seems logical next…. Nd so on..
    But whats the point of living when ur not happy nd we still dnt know if were gonna be happy after death….

    Pls do what makes u happy even though weve been forced into a circle.
    Who says u knt draw a triangle in ur circle.. 🙂 or even a smiley face

  4. Its not a CYCLE its an evolution…since u can’t school afta death…av a good day drunkard…nd remember the new traffic laws

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