Scene 2… ACTION!

What brought up this post? Three little words from Omelette:

I miss you.

Words I had pretended not to hear at first, then laughed at when he repeated it so he could shut the hell up…but, in my mind of minds I had being like WHAT THE FCUK!!

Yes, Omelette is my ex. Moving on.

Exes have many quotes to their name,

  1. … going back  your vomit and
  2. they’re your ex for a reason.

But, that’s not the point of this little tid-bit. I was chatting with a really good friend… he has more knowledge on the situation than anyone and when i told him,  his exact words were “you really like that guy!!! He’s got your medicine”

I should have protested but that’ll just be a jobless time-wasting past-time. Besides, he’s probably more right than wrong. Come to think of it juju is the only understandable explanantion as to why I still like him.

I know what I’d tell someone in my situation… just leave him alone. He doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Honestly, I don’t plan on following anything up. I like him but it’s like reading for an exam you know you’re going to fail. I practically know exactly how things will end up.

What baffles me is the fact that, to use an honest term, Omelette had me in the palm of his hand. I need a proper explanation as to the level he was in my life. Boy-friend is such a misused word nowadays but, if that’s what I’ll use to describe it then… yes, he was that and I was probably in love with him. and he let me go…

We had the ‘bestest’ time together. I was shocked that a relationship could be that way… Even when we were having serious conversations.  Then he just ground to a halt. Normally I would stop too but, I actually tried to be a worried girl-friend for a little bit. Then I stopped too and started the still very difficult task of forgetting him.

Then he called to get my twitter handle. I swear, I wanted to deactivate that account and start another. Dramatic I know but suddenly seeing his handle there all the time and all the flirting… YES!! I was jealous at times too… I even investigated into muting, blocking and all that. Invariably, I managed to settle down. A set of weeks passed, Then the texting. Another set and he called.

Did I expect it? No, I never expected this at all. I mean, everyone you meet is for a purpose and I had purposed him out PROPERLY! I had brought out everything I had learnt from our relationship, removed his picture from the blog, learnt to not blame him or myself and even started to accept dates and all that. That last bit had been really hard but i had gotten there; End scene, actor vacates.

Only the actor has returned and I’m like What The Hell?!

…and no, I am not yet completely over him. This thing is really harder than I thought.



12 thoughts on “Scene 2… ACTION!”

  1. You know, Life is hard.
    Life is really hard. Making decisions are even harder.
    Love is a topic I won’t touch. But choose wisely. That’s my greatest nugget to you. Do you want to get hurt again? Can you survive? Is he ready for you? What is the future? How was the past? Would you crave the present?
    Questions! Questions!! Questions!!! Ask yourself questions. *smashes keyboard*

    1. 😀 …at this point, that’s why I’m not even considering it per se… ‘cos any come back is supposed to be a “serious” relationship. Its not a “me and this new person hanging”, or “we just met knowing each other better”… Its much deeper and I’m too young for that (hides wrinkle concealer and birth certificate)

    1. i know that’ll work but, i dont think i want
      anybody in my life right now. One of my
      friends pointed out to me that I’ve not
      been single since I was in my second year.
      That’s over 2 years ago… and everyone
      says any relationship now is nt a playing
      thing… That it’d be more serious cos we’ll
      be interacting on ‘adult’ level. I dont think
      m ready for that…

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