Yodeling on ish

My honourable drunks, The rain is falling noisily outside. A warm cup of milo with bread and mayo is on my mind. James Blunt’s ‘Into the dark’ is playing and all seems well. But deep inside where you can’t see, I am hurt. Very hurt. And confused.

I got wind of a story that broke my heart. Ruined the rest of my day. Its your regular boy meets girl story.

Boy and girl hang-out and like each other.

Boy and girl have being going out for long. Really long.

Meet each others families. They love him.

He’s a good guy.

Talks of marriage and then bahm! Its over. “it’s not you…I still love you… it’s just…” she was so devastated she had to leave the states to come back to Nigeria where she wouldn’t see mutual friends and places they went to and all that….

You can’t trust men? They’ll only break your heart…

I kind of doubt that guys wake up, rub their hands together and go:

“aagh the sun is shining brightly, the wind is blowing calmly and coolly; a great day to break a heart.”

I want to believe that shit just happened and guys are actually good people who just don’t know what’s up.

I  get really affected when I’m told real-life stories on betrayal of trust and all that. I not only put myself in their shoes; when they’re not looking, I sneak to their ward-robe and wear the whole outfit. I act the drama with them and then I’m like shit! That ain’t right!

Then, a couple of weeks ago, another tale came to mind. One of my good friends, I love him to death and back and he had told me of his girl, Barbara something (trust me, if I could remember her name it WILL be here). I had really being excited she was super cute and he had described her as nice. Then a few days ago we were talking and I was like “hey, how’s your babe?”

Drum-roll here… guess what?

She had being avoiding him, his calls, giving it to her friends to tell him she was sick and finally told him that he was disturbing her…

There was no name I did not call her. Here was this decent guy who liked her and the asshole was looking for how to play him…

… so there are girls that are retarded assholes too I guess.

And the question… the thing that baffles me must is this; is it wrong to give your heart to persons you are in a relationship with… I’ve heard of having a spare and all that but that’s just stupid. I’m talking a normal bf/gf relationship scenario… must be really hard sha… deciding that this person might use my heart to cook suya or kebab, but… there you have it.

Have I mentioned I am avoiding relationships till I’m 24? Just did, I guess…. 🙂


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