The Mirror House 3

He could feel something emanating from the eyes that looked up at him… something deep and dangerous. He felt powerless to fight it. There was an intense form of electricity in the room, and Wale could feel every part of him throbbing with the energy. But the eyes that looked up into his bellied this feeling. They looked blank and emotionless.

Eyes could be deceiving.

The words replayed over and over in her head: ”I don’t want to be your boy-friend anymore.”

She raged! From the tip of her toes enclosed in her 5-inch Louboutins to her head. The anger inside her was bubbling and she could feel it rising steadily to the surface. Her hands itched to slap him… slap the handsomeness off his face and tear off his clothes. She would kick him to the floor, then she would claw his eyes out of their sockets. The heels would come off next; to batter his back till she saw red. Red drops of his blood dripping off his back and falling onto the carpet… till he begged her to stop… till the people in the restaurant held her back… only then, would she stop.

“Remi, please say something…”

Five years of her life she had wasted on him… on this excuse to humanity and for what? to be dumped on the night of their sixth year anniversary. On some flimsy excuse. What was there to say?


His voice sounded like it was coming from very far away. Her eyes glazed over, he looked like a blurry figure from afar off.

I am not going to cry in front of him, no way! She wouldn’t give him that satisfaction. Quickly, Remi grabbed her purse and heels notwithstanding, she flew out of the restaurant and into a waiting cab.


Over the phone

Remi: he broke up with me…

Lola: NO!!

Remi: I swear (breaks into sobs)

Lola: calm down, it’s alright

Remi: c-c-can I come to your side. I can’t go-

Lola: oh Shit!! Sure you can love.


Via whatsapp

I can’t make it.

Some other time.

Lola, you’re joking right?

Lola WTF!!

my sister’s boy-friend just dumped her…



  what do you want from me?

…if you don’t want to do anymore, just tell me


Minutes passed without a reply, then Tunji noticed her status change to sleeping. He laughed… if she thought that was how this conversation was going to end she was high on cheap weed. he dialed her number.

“Tunji. What is it?” her voice sounded angry. He knew he was treading on fire, But he was tired and he wanted answers.

“you didn’t reply.”

A heavy silence prevailed. Tunji knew if it continued she would cut the line. The thought annoyed him. “Lola. What the fuck is all this now!”

“Tunji…” her voice was heavy with anger. That was what he wanted… for her to get angry and lose it; so they could just have it out, instead of this tip-toeing around the issue that was going on.. But it was not to be. The Queen of avoidance was seated. “I can’t come. My friends are coming over and I need to be here for Remi.”

Tunji wished he cared. But he didn’t. He wanted his babe to go out with him tonight. It wasn’t even about going out. He wanted to be sure they were still on the same page. That they weren’t over. And if they were, he wanted to repair it, not just be in this limbo of being there but not quite. Resigned and confused, he asked, “Lola, is it that you’re no more interested? Are you seeing someone else?”

The silence on the phone went on for long. Then she cut the line. The first thing Tunji felt was anger. So that’s how it was abi? Coolies.


Her hiss resonated around the empty apartment. He had to be mad. Another hiss. Idiot! Trying to push her in a corner… like she was the one at fault!! And then she broke down in tears… sat on the sofa and cried her heart out.


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