dress-up mode

this is me getting ready for my cousin’s wedding… pictures later…

early in the morning… before the magic that is make-up started
Rollers are in… lipstick shade practice… yes. That is a smelly picture (hadn’t yet taken my bathe)
after le bathe….
Make-up!!! let's do this!!
Make-up!!! let’s do this!!
all dolled up 😀


Final after!!! Lovely innit?


14 thoughts on “dress-up mode”

      1. wow!! It’s really common in my country; that’s what most of the ladies have on.
        In the normal state, our hair doesn’t grow as long, so protective styles are usually the way to go. Its also a way to enjoy more versatile looks than our hair can provide.

      2. Your hair doesn’t grow long? That’s odd. Do you have any idea why?
        And, I’m not sure I’d call extensions protective, because, as I’ve told you before, I think they tend to pull out hair, so I’m more afraid of them than chemical dyes 😛

        In any case, a lot of ladies in my country use hair dye, traditionally too, so I guess people just view hair dye with less suspicion than extensions. Lol, this can become a commentary on society!

      3. I think it has smth to do with weather and other conditions like that… I’m actually on a mission to get my hair grow about 14-inches that’s gonna be a 2-3 year journey.
        They spend tens of thousands in my country to get weaves of human hair from India, Maylasia, Brazil, Peru and whatnot…. So I’m cosidering hair treatments and all that which will work on my hair.
        Protective styles basically protect the ends of the hair from breakage and maintain the length of the dyes. Chemicals and dyes are bad basically…. Sound like a textbook right? I’ve read a lot on this 🙂

      4. Ugh, it must be so creepy to have hair belonging to another human being attached to your head 😐

        Btw, I found the fact that people in your country can’t grow their hair long very fascinating and I did a search about it. I found this blog of a Nigerian girl whose hair is actually quite long! (

        From what other stuff I read, blacks can’t grow their hair too long because they use a lot of chemicals which cause breakage. I didn’t find any reason for it to not grow long naturally!

      5. I’m quite glad though, that comparatively, my hair is very low-maintenance. It does get frizzy sometimes, but I can grow it as long as I want.

        Want a lock of my hair to weave into yours? 😉

    1. Hehe. You’d have to wait for some time for me to act on that offer 😛
      I’m growing my hair long right now, so it shall be quite some time until a haircut produces weavable hair.

      Okay, best of luck! 😀

  1. Ratings:

    First picture: -2/10
    Second picture: 2/10
    Third picture: 5/10
    Fourth picture: 8/10 (I see cleavage)
    Fifth picture: 7/10
    Sixth picture: 9/10 (Fine girl)

      1. LOL! Alright. Point me to the very interesting ones. Oh, and the ones with pictures too *wink* *wink*

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