Good morning class!!!

As I started in the last class (awkwarments 101)…  once in a while, we are thrust in moments that knock you out mentally. All you can think of is “what am I supposed to do now ehn?”

I call such awkarment = awkward moments.

We have covered what to do in a sudden and unexpected “I love you” situation from Mr/Master/Mrs/Ms/Engr/Dr. Wrong in awkwarments 101

The second of such awkwardities’ is the moment when the people you have grown to count aren’t doing what they suppossed to be doing… and are actually stepping out of line. Like if your best-friend seems to be taking an unhealthy interest in your ex-boyfriend and he’s affairs

In the occurrence of this you might be tempted to:

  1. Slap her
  2. Beat her
  3. Slap her again
  4. Beat her again
  5. Set her up for terrorism with FBI
  6. Check her into a psychiatric unit
  7. Evoke incarnations to make sure they are not chasing her from the village


Or you might just call her out and have a good ol’ smack-down.

Again… don’t. She might just beat the fcuk out of you! and that shii just wrong!

“so what do I do teacher… bitch be breaking the code!!”

Here’s what you do:

  1. Gossip. Yeah this “friend” has at the moment proven she is not a friend so yeah, feel free to vent in anger to whoever you feel… note the operative word is WHO and not tweeting or facebook-ing. That doesn’t count for shit.
  2. Ignore. If any said mention is made of the boy by the girl. I mean complete disregard of any such statement made to that effect. She’s trying to assuage her conscience that you know about them… you don’t. Bitch broke the girl code!!! #GirlCode46- thou shalt not hook up with ex as friend or confidant especially if  thou duringst said relationship thou never supported it.
  3. Grow up. Accept the fact that shit has the option of happening anytime and anywhere and move on. You can break your friendship at this point or not, as attains to your situation. But, remember, nobody is perfect. People try to be the best they can be, but sometimes they fall short of what you expect of them.
  4. Question yourself…
  • Do you still like your friend?
  • Outside of this can you move on from this and still be friends?
  • If you see them together, can you you smile and be civil?
  • Are you mature enough to accept her based on this not 100% relationship you now have?

This happened to me… is happening right now. A friend of mine never liked Omelette ever. She was the source of every negative gist on him. Not that that was bad… In her way, I thought she was just watching my back and didn’t trust him. But then we break up (omelette an I) and she suddenly thinks he’s cool… she has his Blackberry pin and is sharing his life with me… as in telling me “Omelette said this and that” kinda thing.

Am I hurt? Yes.

Do I feel betrayed? Yes.

But as bad as I felt feel I know she’s a great friend in some aspects but I won’t trust her with any of my guys… in advice or anything…

This conclusion was not an easy thing oh! At all!! My early morning tweets when she informed me of their “relationship” are as thus:

@misty0_0: *sigh* this cannot be happening

@misty0_0: a high level of being-fcukdism is happening right now… why me?

@misty0_0: …feeling bretrayed… that’s a newbie

A friend caught this was a real thing and we DM-ed for about an hour… I calmed down a bit… but later on the vile thoughts of the inconsiderateness self-mindedness of this friend reared its head in me again and I knew I had to talk to someone before I burst. I called a really close-friend and we talked for about 45 minutes trying to calm me down. I was hysterical…. talking between tears and laughter… *sigh* Omelette called later in the evening so that also calmed me down a bit that nothing secret was on.

I guess maturity comes bit by bit… so I’m just a little bit older. I have learnt that it is through the tests life throws at you that you get experiences on people and circumstances in your life.

Basic summary, till you test people, you never know their capabilities and their short-comings… also, till you test yourself, you’ll never know your capabilities and short-comings.

Be ready to stretch yourself in any way you can.

Be ready for people to disappoint so when they do you know their limits.

Be ready to disappoint too because try as try might, No-one is perfect.



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