Location: an upper collapsed bunk in the hostel across the clinic at old MacGregor college, somewhere in Afikpo, Ebonyi state, south-west Nigeria, Nigeria, Africa.
*wipes sweat*
Unlike must of my friends who bailed out on Etisalat, I remained faithful and have been rewarded with continual connection with the mobile network, whilst they struggle with MTN, Airtel and glow *insert mocking laughter here* to that effect, my tweets have remained somewhat constant. So on this beautiful Sunday, I opened my twitter page, gave a nauseating greeting to all via fart or smelly breathe or barf and then strolled down the TL looking for businesses to poke my nose into… And then, I saw it; the picked on tweet of the moment:
@allowingYourPrivacyBecauseIcantRememberYourHandle: It is Sunday again, all my followers have now become christains.

We all agree with this tweet don’t we. Somewhere deep inside, we have all noticed the penchants for sermons and preachings we are subjected to on God’s own rest day by anybody with an online connection… Be you a drinker by day, a weed-smoker in the afternoon, a prostitute by night or a pornster on twitter.
*puts on background music: I will exalt you by Hillsong*
During the week, I bask in wordliness (yes!! Even me! Get over it!) but on Sunday, I remember God and might even preach a little (can I get an alleluyah somebody!!) and frankly, it’s a life I have come to love and enjoy. Because I get to have fun.I mean, this past week I drank, I danced and I have been totally ecstatic with happiness.
Ofcourse, if I have a stalker or anyone that follows my every word and thought, I’ll be called a hypocrite. And that is where you guys come in…
when did we go to the bar and get sworn in as judges?
Life should be free… Freedom to be who you want to be, whoever that is… But lige is never gonna be that free because we’re all a bunch of judgemental fuckheads. It’s alright to have opinions but for everyone’s sake, keep opinions to yourself and your gossip-buddies.
I mean, has any of such opinions changed anyone? No. It makes them defensive and stubborn. And in truth, how is it your business
Life is a solo-journey and we have to traverse it how you want to. Not how your friends or frenemies want you to, because only one person lives with the result of your decisions; YOU. So why base such a big thing on someone who might die the next second.

There’s this funny statement very common with people: “insert person’s name has changed.”
Yeah right! People don’t change. For whatever reason (parents, expectation etc.) they are forced to live under a constraint and when that constraint is gone, the new and real person comes out.
Like me, for instance, I envy people that dance… Used to :). I envied the freedom in it… The not-caringism portrayed. I used to stand back and wonder at them… What makes that emotion just splurge out… And the confidence of ‘look if you wanna look, I don’t give a fuck’. I wanted that badly. It wasn’t just the physical dancing… It was the fact that I knew that if I could I ever do such, I’d be one step closer to living for me without caring about anyone’s opinion. And then, one day, I saw myself dancing. A flux, I thought, maybe Omelette been there made me comfortable. And then again, and again and again. And I LOVED it!!! Ofcourse the people that wanted to pin me in a class have asked? “Do you club?” I was worried at first, I didn’t want anyone taking me for a club girl and therefore a bad girl… But d’you know what? I don’t care anymore… In fact, let them! I know who I am and I won’t live in a shell just because of people that need a daily update on me and what I’m up to.
and your life is yours! Don’t live it as a shell or as a shadoew of what you ought to be! Always remember to DO YOU! Because YOU is the most important!!!

Yours’ in Vodka and Arrows:
The Drunk Archer


7 thoughts on “DOING YOU”

  1. I can rarely dance without feeling self-conscious!

    Okay, here’s a question: The people who judge, preach, etc, they are also just living their life their own way, maybe, isn’t it? 😉
    I mean, the judging and preaching is probably part of their personality!

    1. they actually are… Some of them… But the post is more for the people that, instead of just seeing what they said and moving on, take what the judgemental ones say to heart and don’t become their better selves at all

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