When I say no… Part 1: The binsh within

To a guy….
you SUCK: Your odour, your English, your general you-ness? you just don’t work bruv?
You can take it personally? I have no fucks to give. Come back when I’ve gone shopping for some

You know that retarded baby?
That one that roams about arrow in hand wrecking havoc to singles’ lives? Cupid what’s-his-face? Yeah. I don’t want it to throw that arrow at me when I’m with you? Unexpected attachment will now happen? Blind love? NO! NO siree!!

I will not give you my number? No need to extend your eventual disappointment

I will not talk to you? you have nothing of to say that I wanna hear

I will not tell you where I live? NEVER!! FOR WHAT?!

You will not visit me? FOR WHAT?!
So family members will think I don’t have taste bah?

I will not pick your calls? the first time I did you proved your stupidity? No more bruv… No more.

I will not reply your DMs? I don’t have MBs to waste.

I won’t follow you back on twitter? you’re THAT wrong.

I will not give you my Facebook name? So you can start stalking my life abi?

I will not reply your texts? I have nothing to say to you.

I will not remember to call you tomorrow?. On top whose air-time?

I will not invite you to my church? your salvation is your business and if I’m why you’re coming to church you can like to buy a life…

‘Cos that Idiot baby has its eyes on me and I don’t want to end up with you. Period.

From the binsh within


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