Tagged A for Awesomisity!!!

so I know y’all don’t care much for my pictures… I mean u receive “awesome post notification” in your mails, sprint over here and see one lousy picture… I can imagine y’all going… “TF!!! I didn’t sign up for this shit!!!” and looking for where the “unfollow” button is at…. NEWS FLASH!!! There is no unfollow button!!! You are stuck doing this for– hey hey!! Wait!! Don’t close it now… I was just kidding… 😦
My dear mizters and mizees…. Bear with my vanity. I was actually supposed to do some posts before today (year’s end), but Twitter swallows my creativity, and mb, and time. Popsi has also hidden his modem. But if the twitterville and Mr. Odutola refuse to accept the blame, we can always pin it on the devil… Amean! That’s what he’s there for innit?

Anywhoooo…. Please no-one should mistake me for a fashion blogger…. I leave that to the likes of J’adore, nany’s klozet, Fashion Engineer etc. I’m just a not-so-random girl with a penchant for looking good. 😀

me.......... As usual :D
me………. As usual 😀

Hope y’all had a wonderful time in 2012…. 2013 in a bit, make it count. I know I will.
God bless you all… Love you plenty. See you when the clock chimes 12.

Yours in Vodka and Arrows,
The Drunk Archer.



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