I didn’t forget my promise oh, my dearest drunks!!!! here’s one of my pre-valentine posts… enjoy 🙂


I was going to write a warped story about Cupid and love, I longed, hoped and even prayed for inspiration but none came. So I decided to scrap the thought (there’s always next year to hate on cupid right?) and pretend that I didn’t know what valentine was all about. But then a miracle happened.

Have fun, athink……


Valentine’s day is coming… again, and #TeamCouple, #TeamTaken #TeamTogetherForever have taken over the airspace…

Also present are the #TeamAdviseSingles and crap..

I’m tired mehn… Valentine isn’t for the single folks. That baby… flying around… taunting me, telling me how one year down the road I am still forever alone……aarrgghh!!!!

Each year my breasts sag a little more, my belly dances to an unheard beat with each step… and my arms? Let’s not even go there… WHY? I’ll tell you why: Because women are stupid and men make us stupid. So, what…

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