When I Turned 15

My_old_diary____by_elein_meI turned fifteen on the 11th of November (Like you don’t know). I can’t believe a whole year has passed, it feels just like yesterday

i remember when i turned 13. I was all “I’m a teenager now!” Now, look at me. Two year already passed fast fast. Like life just keeps going on, no matter what you spend your time doing. Play or work… And you won’t even notice….

I don’t want to just be getting older… I want to grow older in everything. I mean, I can turn 16, 17, 18… And still remain as care-free and silly as an 8-year old. I don’t think I’m gonna write ’bout presents and all that stuff. they aren’t that important… Time to work at all-round self-improvement.

Yours in vodka and arrows,
the drunk archer
(diary excerpt… 11th November 11, 2005


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