Here we stand

So, the past few weeks have being pretty awesome. Its had its down moments and all but I’m a pretty happy archer and its because of a nine-letter named boy I will fondly refer to as Omelette. He will kill me if he ever sees this name, but being that he keeps forgetting the name of the blog I have nothing to fear yet. I used to call him baldy but that didn’t quite cut it because he’s not bald and yes, he’s not an egg either but my guy, my name, my rules. For those who didn’t get to read 2 weeks & a broken heart, I’m very sorry but most of my school mates were viewing the blog and I really didn’t want just anyone getting into that part of my life. This is because I’m really seen as this hard babe (which I am), but that little tid bit would have changed everything for me. As in bystanders from nowhere will start unearthing tissue for me and all that and I’m not a pity case

Anyways, we have mended some of the fences and we’re hanging out again. I will like to say it was as easy as snap, but it wasn’t. those weeks were hell. I’m really not much of a pretender but when I decide a person doesn’t exist to me it pretty much wipes out the existence of that person from my mind. It doesn’t mean I don’t remember you or care, it just means I feel its best on both sides if we never ever communicate. And that’s what I did to Omelette.

To anyone that doesn’t know me… I have a wicked streak you don’t wanna unearth. Omelette unearthed it sha. To a large percentage. It somehow got buried fast because the people I roll with are not assholes who think vengefully, and must of them were of the school of thought that whatever he wanna do, he can do which I completely agreed with. Sooooo, when a while later I saw Omelette had being decreased by half a leg I decided I could do whatever I wanted to do as well… which was basically nothing major just pretend he didn’t exist. Till Dotun told me I was being a wicked asshole. Kinda was the turning point there and I sent a text and spoke to him one day. I was seriously relieved from then on. Life was a bit more balanced and I was no more an asshole.

Then I started to see him everywhere. At a point I actually thought that God was having a full day using me as a comic relief; like let him pass here, see what she’ll do. I had no idea what to do as in seriously I had never thought that far and now I was supposed to shake hands with him or what?! I started one funny raised brow thingie and later a little wave. One day he got irritated enough to ask to see me that evening.


Yours in Vodka and arrows,

the drunk archer

(diary excerpt; dated 30th May, 2012)


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