Knock! Knock!
Who’s there?
It’s your past…
Your past who?
Your past and I’m here to fck you up!!!

The times we live in are funny times… Times YOLO (You Only Live Once)… You’d think life was a day’s affair, not years and years where YOLO graduates and comes around to bite you in the ass.
On saturday, I made an acquintance from twitter, he liked my blog and wanted to know me better… This in itself is not a rare “OMG” thing… The OMG factor came in when I realised guy knew Omelette… Did I hear someone say “Motherfucker!!!” No? Oh it was “The Fuck!!” you said? Sorry, my bad.
Turns out he’s a close-friend to Omelette’s ex, who Omelette hurt badly… Yup, the one directly before me. And before you start going “what’s our business, aren’t you done with Omelette?”

we have been talking, and have hung out…. We’re not together oh.. Just taking it slow or whatever. You get the picture…
And now… Well… I’m wondering if I should… I don’t judge people by their pasts at all. But, I can’t help wondering if my case’ll be any different. If I drop him again, he’ll wonder “what again?!” he won’t know a segment of his past has resurrected to communicate old and forgotten discretions with me… And I’m thinking… “How well do I REALLY know you, Omelette?”
“Is this a good idea, Omelette?”
“why did you hurt her THAT bad, Omelette?”
“should we just leave and let live, Omelette?”
“why can’t you be a normal drama-less guy, Omelette?”
“Fuck. You. Omelette.”

I don’t like too much struggle in a relationship oh… and all this shit might either make me just stop all this or have to develop a base of trust… All because he couldn’t be selfless enough to take care of the heart he had wanted before.

Take care of your present oh… Do the best you can, especially with people, It’d be your past in a second… A distant memory that either makes you smile or comes later to haunt you at a time you least want or expect. Talk to you later, guys, cheers.
By the way, hope you all enjoyed my diary excerpts, found a hidden folder in my lappy and “BOOM!” I couldn’t stop myself from sharing some with you… Just so we could take a peek at my past too… There’ll be more. I think.

Pray for me oh… Stuff be getting serious in my life… This is why I wish to be forever a child.


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