About impressions…

So, this past Wednesdays, I was going to get a piercing. On my ears. Another one. In my excitement (mixed with fear) of the moment, I texted it to Omelette. Worst. Decision. Ever.

Me: Guess what? I’m getting my ears pierced today!! ^_^

omelette: why?

(this one-word reply already made me know he had entered daddy-the-father mode.)

Me: I’ve wanted to do it since last year… I think it’d be cute too.

Omelette: it would change people’s mindset about you.

Me: 😦

omelette: that’s the truth, it would be cute but then…

blah..  blah..  blah..

I was like ugh!!! Should never have asked him… In my mind (and twitter) of course. Long story short, I still have only one piercing. For now.

People always have the wrong impression about me. Good girl, Brainy, Loves school.  That kind of “perfect girl image” all wrapped in a big red bow. I’ve lived with it all my life, and that always gets me bothered because, it’s not my image… it’s not me.

            People build images based on little impressions they gather. Little bits of straws based on the tiny they hear, see and assume… they then class you with this image. The thing with these people is that they’re not those you interact with personally at all. You likely don’t even know their names at all. And, when you finally meet them, you hear:

“I never knew you were ________ , ________ & ________ I thought you were ________ , ________ & ________”

↑Note: If I had a penny for each time I hear this,  I’d probably have none, because pennies aren’t our national currency -___-↑

Of course Omelette wants me to give the “right impression”. The right impression makes him look good. To his friends and everyone. Same as most people… if you’re truthful… you want your friend looking as fly as you, behaving good and stuff, because it makes you look good. But people aren’t made to suit you. We’re all individuals, doing our own thing.

Good girl… bad girl… I don’t know…  I don’t care. I do know I’m me though. Nothing more, nothing less. And I WILL be getting that piercing. Sorry Omelette.

 Yours in Vodka and arrows,

the drunk archer.

 *some of you don’t know who Omelette is… WOW. Well, Omelette is a guy. 


12 thoughts on “About impressions…”

  1. Hahahahaha that daddy the father mode annoys the heck outta me!
    Impressions hmmmm
    My best part, people aren’t made to suit you! My own penny: Being you is the best thing that can ever happen to your family, friends, enemies and err not forgetting most important one; the omelette in your life 😛

  2. Awesome post! Impressions the very big cage barrs most of us from expressing ourselves. I consider those impressions BUT then am not made to suit no one! *thumbs up*

  3. Really? A single piercing can change people’s opinion of you? That too, a piercing on your ears? I’d have thought it would take an eyebrow piercing or a nose a piercing at the very least 😉

      1. Now the short skirt thing I do believe. In fact, what you’re wearing in the photo on the right panel would be enough to do the same in the country I live in 😉

  4. Its a good thing that that you listened to omellete because that act is not African…I would have mistaken you for something else

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