Dear Omelette

This is a post,

This is not a poem.

These are just lines

That seem to rhyme


I’m sitting on the floor right now,

Going through old diaries

Nothing new in any, but still amusing to read.

There’s a special one that has papers in it

… Love-letters

… i-admimire-you-letters

… there’s even a drawing… OF ME!!! LOL.


But one little one stands out.

It’s the tiniest of them all.

A tiny rectangle of paper, not bigger than my finger

And on it, is my name.



And that really is the only one that matters.

Because you wrote it.


I miss you Omelette, I miss us.

And if things don’t work out

I’ll thank you for how you’ve patiently helped me grow.

and I’ll still wish you everything good…

Same as I wish myself. ♥ 


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