Judy escapades….

I am shapely.

I will never really be the first to audibly admit this… but deep inside, I’ve always known this. Always. In the past, I have lived in denial about it and never really embraced it. even in varsity, I had the cutest big trousers, and I convinced myself I wasn’t… why? Well, I’ve always wanted to be acknowledged for me… not my physical attributes.

… which is why I love you guys so much… you read me and you enjoy me… all without seeing me… that acceptance has really a blessing to me. Because, since last year when I began blogging, I’ve changed in a LOT of ways… because I know I have value as a person inside… so no matter how the outside is and whatever it might attract, what was really important to me (my mindset, thoughts and values) was really actually there independent of my physical features.

However, because of that, I’ve never really had to deal with people’s interaction with this body of mine… let’s call her Judy… you’ll know why later. NO. LATER. NOT NOW.. I said Lat-!! SECURITY! GET THAT THIRSTY NEGRO OFF THE BLOG!! Uggh. *takes deep breathe*  🙂

Guys in my uni are.. well decent. They don’t crowd you, salivate around you or display unnecessary amount of thirst… except their on twitter… On twitter, shit gets real. So when I left school… more accurately, went to camp, SHIT. GOT. REAL.


Take a sit

The first week there was great. I was a little Miss Anonymous for the first time in eons (never). My birthday fell while I was in camp and I got drunk (the drunk archer got drunk hahaha.  Funny. 😐 ). I danced… whatever, I was freeeee!!!!

Then I got wind of a nick-name. mine. Judy… Big Booty Judy… BBJ. So began week two, I I started hanging out with my friends solely (hide actually). Those Negroes were thirst. And horny. And desperate. AND EVERYWHERE. They were like those hydras, you cut one off and two take their place. I remember one day, I actually called my bestie, D-man, and I was just crying (real life tears people) about the level of attention… my phone would be ringing with people in camp I didn’t know that claimed to know me, waylaying on the road, stalking… you name it. CRAZY TIME YO!!! I couldn’t deal. Third week, and some soldiers and one or two officials joined the thirst-train.   I never walked alone…. And in a way, I started learning how to deal with them.

Before, I used to feel bad and rude turning down Negroes and not giving out my number… even a smidgen that I was too uptight but I know better now.. Judy is a magnet. Don’t get me wrong. I love Judy… I’m too used to her, and my wardrobe is solely for her body-type… but she attracts every Tom, Dick and Harry.. Mustapha and Tunde not excluded. And they all want her for s-e-x. and I’m #TeamVirginTillMarriage… that will never change. So, why will I want to keep people who are solely drawn by Judy around huh  Why? What Judy attracts and what I want attracted to me are on so large a polar opposite scale it’s hilarious… but Judy is me and what I want is what Judy’ll get too.

So… empty Negroes ain’t getting none of this *does a saucy pose and blows a kiss*



3 thoughts on “Judy escapades….”

  1. “but she attracts every Tom, Dick and Harry.. Mustapha and Tunde not excluded”…you will not kill me with laugh ohh

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