June 5 in retrospect

Today was awesome… There’s not much to say over that. No, I didn’t win any lottery… No, the christmas card birdieflies sent me since last year hasn’t FINALLY arrived.
But it was a great day because I discovered something, put it to practice and it worked! There’s a pastor I listen to, one of many. He’s called Joel Osteen. This particular podcast is called “Make God a Part of Your Everyday Life” basically, how to include God in your daily tasks and missions for a more effective result. Praying and conversing with God about every single thing you’re up to.
Basically,having a conversation with him about all you’re doing.. About to do and such. He can make it so much easier!!
Not that you can’t do it on your own oh. You can. But there’s so many uncertainties to deal with that God isn’t subject to.
I don’t wanna talk too much about it because I’m just discovering and learning to practice this too. But today couldn’t have gone better.


8 thoughts on “June 5 in retrospect”

  1. It also helps you stay on the right path, like you’re gonna say God I’m about to lie or do something bad 😦
    We forget sometimes and I thank you for reminding me 🙂

  2. I’ve given up hope of the Christmas card ever reaching you 😦

    I think the connectivity between my country and yours isn’t too great. I’m slightly relieved though, because I had written a lot of crap in the card. To think that it was the first time I was sending something ‘physical’ to you and it was so full of rambling bumbling bullshit!

    I’ll make a card again this Christmas and I’ll send it again, and I’ll take a lot of time to write something meaningful inside it, and in case it doesn’t reach you yet again, I’ll even take a photo of the contents!

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