The child

Daddy’s crying again… he hasn’t being happy since mummy left. he comes in later than before.. then he asks me about school.
Try to. I tell him how much better I am in school. He doesn’t really listen. He jut nods and smiles. Some days he will just look at me. His eyes reminds me of my doll at those times. He isn’t seeing me. Its her he sees. I look like her, everyone says so. I hate
her for making daddy sad all the time.
Daddy just dropped me off at aunty Laide’s house. I don’t like aunty Laide. She is always shouting and complaining when she
comes to the house. She even hit me once. Daddy got so mad at her. Mummy always said she’s just a bitter soul because she
chased her husband away and at least there was no child for her to transfer her frustrations on. Now she has one. Me.
Daddy hasn’t come to see me in two months. I call him and I talk and talk… I tell him I love him, and that I’d be better, that he
should come to see me.. take me back… that I won’t mention mummy that much again since it makes him so unhappy. The last
time i called, he hung up on me. I know it wasn’t mtn jut being their usual crappy because i called back again and again and he
kept cutting the call. I will never call him again.
today is my 11th year birthday. Aunty enrolled me in a boarding school today. She didn’t know my birthday. I didn’t remember
either.The head-master saw the day i filled in for my date of birth and asked me if today was my birthday. On the way home,
Aunty was shouting at me in the car. She said I was trying to make her look bad in front if the headmaster. She slapped me when
I said I hadn’t remembered it was my birthday. It is not the first time. I can’t remember when last I talked to daddy. I wish I was
never born.
Mr. Eze, the Head master called me out of class today. I am on my way home. He didn’t tell me why. I begged him to let me stay.
He just looked sad-like and hugged me I hope I am not going to live with aunty again. I like mr. Eze. His wife lets me stay with
them for the holidays. I wish he was my real dad.
Mummy is dead. They buried her today. They put her in an open coffin. It is the first time I am seeing her in two years. She looks
thin. She has no hair. They said she was sick. They said it was cancer. She left a letter for me. She hadn’t wanted me to see her
dying… she wanted to do everything she hadn’t done in life… and daddy? Daddy knew all along. He hadn’t wanted to upset mummy. They had gone off together. Mummy at first then he. They had gone off to have a two-year romance and left me … like the child they never wanted. He wanted to hold my hand. I will not let him.


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