The Wife

In blue scrubs, lying on a table, Bisi finally admitted to herself. She couldn’t feel it… she felt normal… she felt the same way she
felt last week. Last week, when the world was sane. When her boss had given her the letter of promotion to be the new
international adviser.
A doctor’s checkup, that had been it… she still remembered her doctor’s frown and his quick retreat from the office. She hoped
she wasn’t pregnant. Turned out pregnancy would have being the better option.
“Can you come back tomorrow for an MRI Mrs. Ogunlade?”
“An MRI? What for? I don’t think I can… I have work to do.”
“Bisi. I don’t want to alarm you at all… but this needs to be done as soon as possible… it might already be too late.”
Late for what? She had asked but doctor refused to budge. He didn’t want to unduly alarm her, he said. Irritated, she had booked
an appointment the day after…
She had never thought in her wildest dreams that it’d come to her. Doctor said there was a chance… a 80-20 chance… but she’d have to fight. She couldn’t understand… fight what?
“It’ll take over your body, Bisi… you will be in pain… at those times, you must not give up.”
She still remembered her husband’s face when she had told him. He had broken down into tears. Her own tears, that had refused
to fall since the beginning of that terrible day fell. He held her, whispering through sobs “we’re going to get through this…”


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