the girl who liked my brouges

a couple of weeks ago, probably over a month, i went for an audition. no, I’m not joining the 90% failure and embarrassment that is Nollywood or k-legging down a runaway to the staccato beats of my six-inch heels… though if i were to be offered the latter i will have “model” in my twitter bio so fast your head’ll spin. hehehe!!

what i was actually going into were ushering gigs… serving food, marketing stuff, wear their shirts and move around… that kind of thing. YOU SEE!! i wasn’t just avoiding you guys by lazing around and gathering cobwebs on my bed… i was avoiding you guys by going job hunting. my last word on that “industry” is that you get picked a lot faster if you’re taller… did someone just say i should have eaten beans when i should have?? -__-

anyways, i went in, did my thing and left. on the way out, i ran into this girl. she had this pull-anything-on-but-still-look-cool-thing going on. that thing is a gift mehn!! i have never been able to perfect that level of i-don’t-give-a-fuckism but I’m getting there… did i hear an amen?! i am joining the work force with that look… at least with the sneakers.

she complimented my shoes and we got talking she was my kinda person… we talked for a while. i can’t even remember what about. and then of course like all pointless conversations, it drew slowly to a stop. Even without glasses, i could see the full stop coming, encroaching, getting bigger and bigger. i tried to tell it to go… to let me think for a little while about what to do but it came on.. like a stubborn goat chasing banana. and then it came… the awkward pause. a pause that a guy would have filled by asking for my number. but this was a girl… and i was a girl… i had never been in a position of not having a chance to ever meet a girl again in my environment, i dont even talk to people outside that much. who was to say we’d know what to say to each other on the phone or on a chat…  and i said my byes and walked away. i can’t even remember her name.

then there was another girl who i got talking to on a bus. now she gave me her number because her phone was dead. she even made me promise to call her later. i never did. i forgot. i still have the number.

          And on a random day like today i remember the girl who liked my brogues and wonder what if maybe we had exchanged numbers… i might have a brand new friend.

i remember the one who bothered to give me hers and wonder if i can actually make the effort to keep friends.

yours and vodka and arrows,

the drunk archer.


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