butt naked

Today, I walked downstairs naked… I do it all the time… in fact, anytime I can get away with not wearing clothes at home, I’m naked… why are you people quiet? I just don’t like getting my clothes unnecessarily dirty…. oh! Of course nobody’s at home when I do this… I’m not stark raving mad… yet. Hehehe!
Anyways, as I shadowed the house in my bare bottom state, I crossed a mirror, then reversed and actually looked at myself… naked. I have never really done this before, the most I use the mirror for when I’m naked is to err… shave my legs (TMI maybe?) or once in a while wonder if the ass in the mirror is really the one that causes commotion… #hint: I still don’t think it is … or to practice my shakira-whine. i boast not. i’m getting good at it.
But this time, I actually stopped and looked at me… and yes, I was impressed with my body. for. the. first. time. ever. did i hear an halleluiah? \o/
The thought has always crossed my mind that what exactly do guys see in nudes (naked pictures) to be honest. they’re always onnn and oooonnn about it on twitter.  I, personally, feel sexier in my clothes. I do a lot to get them at a flattering fit enhance this and remove that… I am not comfortable in just skin. I have been to the pool just once this year… but you can trust I had a cute wrapper with me… and there were so many guys in the water I just bailed, sat at the side, chatted and clung to my wrapper.

I’ve even felt that on my wedding night, after I’ve stripped for the hubby, he’ll be like “umm… how about I turn out the lights so I
can imagine your face on someone else’s body”

looool… yes yes.. this isn’t low selves of steam (that’s self esteem people…. you see the darndest things on twitter) this is just my thought process. A lot of money goes into clothes. In fact, that’s where most of my money goes.

All of us really, think of it:
jewellery,shoes, clothes, make up,… I can see guys stopping at the make up part to start a conference talk… yes, we know. Make up today is a problem… You have to pour water on your girl’s face to know what she really looks like. We know. we’ve heard all of it, And like miley Cyrus, we can’t stop. Ever… but that’s another post.

Guys say we dress for them…. um. no?…. we dress for fellow girls tbh. You’re as best dressed as the girl beside you. Ever go for a
thing with your girl and your girl shows up dressed to the nines while you are in the reciprocal of your bathrobe? That shit used to
piss me off so bad… I’ll be eyeing her in my side eye, thinking mehn… I woulda worn this and that and then I’ll feel more the life of
the party. I’ve always felt that way. I can trace it back to the childhood reciprocal of when that started momsi used to compare to
my better dressed cousin at any family outing… I’d feel so self conscious and wouldn’t be able to whisper a word… like a beggar
trying to say something in a gathering of kings… who born you well?! Lool.

Don’t dull, My cousins were okay… but my mind could fill in blanks, create blanks and re-fill it themselves… later, as I starred been able to fill my wardrobe, with what I felt added confidence, I started been able to converse more and such… its a psychological thing really. whatevurr (._. )
So, I’ve never really being body confident as I’ve been in fitting my clothes to the right state, getting the right hair done confident. I
mean, there was a period in my and part of 100 level and part of my 200 that i wouldn’t go for classes because my clothes didn’t look as good as i wanted them to.
not fitting clothes=bad mood=no one must see me=if I have to be out, I must be quiet… it’s a vicious dog-eat-throat-equation.

But this butt-naked day, as I had a conversation with the hubby in my head where he was delighted his wife could whine for him and I practiced the whine I would whine for him, I stopped to gaze at me for a moment.

I had a beautiful body and i was so stuck on the wrapping paper I had forgotten the gift inside… it’s not the best body in the world and i’m still working out some kinks and flabs that my on/off-when-i-feel-like-it perspective in exercise had done.. but its the body i’m gonna be stuck with for a really long time… so why not rock it?!

which is why the blog is now called… y’all didn’t notice did you?

Afros are the natural form of African hair, uninfluenced by relaxer or texturizer or anything, they call it virgin hair… nappy hair…
that’s my hair at the moment.

ImageFlats are my definition of freedom and relaxation. I love heels, they give you height, make you look like the thing. But flats… flats are just you being you really. And when I started my single life by taking (he gave me oh!) a pair of Omelette’s converse, I thought, what better way to celebrate me-hood than changing the blog’s name?

Image…. my wardrobe too is going to be getting a lot of big shirts and i-don’t-give-a-fuck clothes and sneakers too.. it’s an all-round lift people.
And who knows I just might go swimming… in a bikini ^_^

by the way, this is my 100th post on the blog!!!! blogging since february 29th, 2012… \(^_^)/index


12 thoughts on “butt naked”

  1. Congrats on 100 and ur body Ermmm I have heard about it.. I haven’t really noticed it cos I don’t look *Holy Halo on* .. So don’t be shocked when u catch me staring the next time we see 😉

    And on the new name… *sighs* you are quite unstable atm so imma let it slide 🙂

  2. Lol, I do the naked walk once in a while. It’s the highest definition of freedom. So, I understand.

    I noticed the new blog name. It’s nice. Although, my first thoughts were that you’d turned it into a fashion blog(thanK God you haven’t).

    I have more to say, but, I won’t.
    Note: Rabbits look good in anything. Especially when skinned.

  3. You’re right, I didn’t notice the change in the URL until you pointed it out! Fros and flats all the wayyyy (okay, flats for me, because I don’t have ‘fros :P). So what are these relaxers, texturizers? What do they do? How do they work?

    I’m not a big fan of the naked body either. I love bare skin, sure, but I like to see it in bits, not the whole nakedness laid out there like a chicken. So yeah, even a little bit of cloth to conceal would do.
    I also agree that we dress more for fellow girls than for guys. But i’m in a state of meh-I-don’t-give-a-fuck ness right now. Till 2 weeks back, I hadn’t shaved my legs for 2 months because I hung out too much with guys and I of course didn’t have that much hair so I didn’t feel the need to. 😛

    1. Loool… Omg,. I’m feeling you!! Enjoy your skin oh!…. Err… Relaxers and texturizers are hai treatments africans use to turn their hair from the fro (curly and frizzy) to smooth straight hair…. It makes the hair more manageable too… But it is a permanent, at least till there’s new growth… Like how a permanent hai dye works.

      1. Isn’t that harsh on the hair though? I’ve seen some friends of mine get their “smoothened”, or permanently sraightened, but it always seems to me that natural hair looks far healthier than hair after these chemical treatments.

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