Just a little peeved

Its a minute to ten when i began this post. I should clean out the cobwebs first… i think my last post was onb the fourth of last month …. but who cares. I am typing in my room and my room looks like some clothes exploded here so, we’re both in the same situation. Bear with me.

Yes, from the title… We know i am peeved. Now to the why. My dad has discovered God… Did i hear an alleluyah? Can i see a wave of hands? No? No? You guys are no fun really. Ugh! I donno why i put up with you people and your rudeness and your perpetual lack of comments … In fact, i clse this blog. Right now today. Unless you beg me. I’m serious. Beg me. I’m closing the blog. Cloooooooooooooooosing… I count to three..
One 1
Two 2
Th…. Heyy!! Don’t go. I was kidding!! Stahhhp!!! I kill you!!! Hehehe.

Anywhooo back to the matter. When we were younger popsi wasnt really religious like that oh we went to church and all that but he wasnt. I rememebr one new years’ day i was dragging him to say alleluyah with us into the new year and he said no and turned over to continue to sleep.
However, with time that has changed and he is an ardent worshipper and one inch from becomming a fanatic. Not the blow yourself or kill muslims fanatic but the “oh you didnt go to church this sunday, that means, you’ve been possessed by a demon” kind of fanatic.
It. Is. Annoying.
This week him and momsi have been going for some revival in the church. And basically he ran into the demon binding and casting i had witnessed since i was in primary school when momsi took us off to MFM (Mountain of Fire and Miracles). he then came home to tell us of how we ( my brothers and i) are not children and need to go with them for it on saturday so our demons can be exorcised. (Not his exact wordings)

It is funny. This same man is fighting with me not to go to the church i want to be going to, unless I do a one week at his church, one week at my church rotation because the church “raised” me, so I “owe” it… yeah that was the same blank look I had in my eye when he said this. He has also argued endlessly with me both times i have attended Shiloh. You will think it wasn’t a church i was going to as well.

And yes, i am irritated. I take charge of my life daily. I have done seeds, soul-winnings and sacrifices. I probably haven’t read as many books, or bought as many bibles, or woken up by 5 am to read, and i certainly find no joy in having devotion at 6 am. But that doesn’t make me any less a child of God. But apperently, i’m just a 22-year old living with her parents. What the hell do i know?


4 thoughts on “Just a little peeved”

  1. I think it’s one of the quirks of living at home; devotion at 6am, leave for church as early as and then be one of the last people to leave.
    Meanwhile, don’t go o! I’m your top commenter 🙂

  2. Your demons are gonna be exorcised? O.o
    Tell me how That goes!

    I see that in my absence you’ve considered stopping blogging! Don’t worry, I’m still here. I read your posts. 😉

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