Stay in school kids

Children, stay in school! And no, i’m not talking about drop-out and all that… If you don’t care about your future, think about how little fucks I have to give… No, i’m talking about you, in school. Stay there.. Never graduate… Do all you can (riots, talk your professors into hating their job so they go on strike, fail courses) but don’t ever convocate. And if, by mistake, you’ve already convocated and you’re in your service year for God’s sake, do all you have to do to never be discharged…. Slap a soldier, who cares? Just get an extension.


Because, people be crazy… People won’t let you be.
They are on a mission and the mission is this question: SO, WHAT ARE YOU DOING NEXT?

And no, the problem isn’t the question, it is the “askers”… People that just wanna know what you’re doing… They’re not gonna offer help or advice or nothing…

“What am I doing next?” I donno.
“Masters or work?” I donno.
“Anybody in your life… you know *insert weird winks and nudges* marriage?” I donno.
“When are you planning on…?” I donno.
“You’re not young oh, you have only a couple of years to…” Fuck off bruh.

But that reply doesn’t help… They get more desperate… feel like you’re hiding and doing under-g stuff. Which i am because well… It really is none of their business is it?

I just wanna chill a little. I studied a course i don’t really care for (industrial chemistry), my parents have their own ideas on what they feel i should do (lecturing *vomits*) AND I have to hear their ideas every other day… (It’s part of the tenancy payment agreement)… So YOU! Random person with your life figured out, leave me be. Or I kill you.


10 thoughts on “Stay in school kids”

  1. U know this!……evryone just wants to know what next, ur parents have their plan, different advices, they just want to get u crazy by force……Nowadays, i just make a joke out of the question an let them forget…..but some would still ask the question after the joke…..

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