Put your hands in the air if you screech amen to every hint of prayer.

Oh, sorry guys, my hands were up.

have you met the amen gang? The amen gang…
Yes, the amen gang. Have you met the amen gang?
They’re in church on sundays. (tune: the muffin man.)

#theAmenGang, no matter how cute they sound is not a clique you want to be in…. Except someone holds a gun to your head and says “#TheAmalaGang or #theAmenGang?!” Because, no one should ever have to eat that black nonsense that is amala. No one.

I was at a training yesterday, it was a good one. Behind me sat a “lady”. I use the term”lady” loosely. she was a lousy piece of *%^… Shit. She had Tourette syndrome but instead of spewing obscenities, she just spewed whatever stupid thing popped into her head; as loudly a she could, then shouted her disagreements to anything the guest speakers said. ANY DAMN THING.

guest speaker: to be retained you need to think like the owner of the organization.
LPS: wetin owner go come dey do?. (*LPS- lousy piece of shit)

But at the end of his session, one of the guest speakers went into prayers;
“You will not miss it in life, in Jesus name.”
“You will discover yourself….”
“Everything you have hear today will benefit you…”
“You will grow into a better form of yourself from what you’ve learnt….
note, i you found yourself saying amen to those, you probably need to get #theAmenGang t-shirt

i could barely hear his prayers, young “lady” was screeching and screaming amens like a scratching tape… Like a banshee…
Did any of you find this as funny as i did? I found it hilarious till my idiot brain had to come in and ruin the moment… Her amens deafened me, but it opened my eyes to something too.
I am terrible at getting things done. T-E-R-R-I-B-L-Γ‰!!! I have been arranging my room since the week before my birthday. That’s two weeks guys… OVER TWO FUCKIN WEEKS!! And i have lists upon lists on how to arrange the stupid place and where to put this and that. This room is not a palace oh… Its just a normal room with too much nonsense around.
Her amens are like my lists and plans… A necessary thing, but only half the work. She should have listened… And i should get the room done.
If saying amen to wealth was all that was needed, roads of Nigeria will be paved with gold and each house will have a diamond roof. Nigerians will say amen to any thing that sounds like a prayer.
But it isn’t. So, say an amen and get your ass moving. I have a room to finish up!!

Below are pictures of my room in the worst possible lighting… so when i show you the complete “after”, y’all will “ooooh” and “aaahh” till my head bursts.
Guess which parts i’ve worked on. ^_^







5 thoughts on “#TheAmenGang”

  1. All Nigerians are in the Amen gang. People need something to turn to. So, they turn to saying amen at every turn. Or, others sprinkle “thaaa blood” on every thing.

    Whatever makes you sleep at night, do.

    As for your room.. Sigh. I guess thats what makes you sleep at night. The horror. The state of entropy in your room is number one on the billboard.

    1. That’s the point!!! You know how they show drab, flabby, sad women when they are fat in befores, then for the after, they are slim, and posing with a huge a smile splitting their face in half?? … this is the room version. ^_^ wait&See

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