Whazup ma pewple ( ._.)

You know how you select the factory mode for your phone and it immediately forgets every damn byte you have spent downloading apps and important stuff and immediately goes back into the basic dummy you bought it as??
Momsi’s factory mode is work. You guys need to thank God for me that the gene missed me. Momsi’ll go on… And on… And on about how tortured she is and still find work (that is not in her job description to do example: sneaking into our rooms to take our laundry, trying to clean our toilets when we step out of our rooms….. ALL THE WHILE whining about pains and aches). I mean, i have to lock my room to keep her out. THAT BAD.
Meanwhile, My factory mode is me.. In front of the TV… Eating. As soon as there’s a screen showing displays, my tummy starts nagging and weeping and my mouth starts salivating.
Its irritating.
I donno where my flat-belly to six-packs plan comes in. I know actually… Its in a deep valley of neverland. I mean, i haven’t jogged in months. Probably since the time i fell down and gave myself a 2 cm deep wound. Sometime in may-june. Sadly, i have no inspiration. I’m still the same weight i have been since i was about sixteen, that’s the 60kg – 63.5kg range, but now i have a baby pot-belly.
I donno what to do to inspire me to exercise. I have taken pictures of my flabs and sags and weep over them while stuffing my face with short bread cake.
My name is Taiwo, and i’m well on my way to be a fatty by thirty. 😥


13 thoughts on “Whazup ma pewple ( ._.)”

  1. Your mother loves you though. As for the flabbiness. Have you ever seen a fat pussy cat? The best.

    Side note: I still maintain that cats are witches. Hence, by method of deduction and Wogu sturvs. You’re cute. And ev cute.

  2. Oh well…… My auntie’s factory setting (º̩̩́_º̩̩̀) is similar to your mum’s….. We don’t bother doing any chores because u can never do it well to her….if u sweep,scrub n mop d floor in her presence..she would still end up sweeping it again (┌_⌣̩̩̀) *sighs* so when I go over to her place..all I do is to drool 😀

  3. If you’ve been the same weight since 16, I doubt you need to worry about being a fatty by age 30!

    I have that problem too – with food in my hands, I want to watch something, and vice versa. So when I’m home, all I do is watch TV shows/movies and eat (simultaneously) and sleep. T.T

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