No shortcut to friends

Do you guys remember my the girl who liked my brogues post some months ago?
How needy did i sound? Lordy!!
Oh no!! woe is me, i met someone I had a nice convo with and we aren’t friends now.. Booo fucking hooo … Ugh!!!
I mean, I don’t like having friends…. Okay, that came out wrong, don’t let my friends see that and leave me…. I mean. I used to be an I-just-Met-You-We’re-gonna-be-friends-forever-because-we-had-a-great-convo person, because that’s how they usually played out. But, oh puhleeze!! I have run into so many people of late and after we enjoy and have our fun conversation/time together, we part and smile and wave. Au revoir. Finito.
I hate all the whatsapp and bbm chat nonsense for trying to confuse a niggah. And making people think it’s as easy as sending an “how far?”… You’re a bloody acquintance. Finito! No need to go all “i miss you” on me, because I don’t miss you.
I mean, i can remember you, wonder if you’re alive and go: hey you! Longest time, how’s you?
Person: OMG… Taiwo!! I’ve missed you sooooo much!!
Me: ( ._.)
Then the random dudes that try to force friendship on you via chats. Below are their statements AND what they actually mean.
-what do you like to do?
-when can we chill?
-do you like to party?
-when can we chill?
-so where do you stay?
-when can we chill?
-er….. So gist me what did you do today?
But the girls are the worst. They all wanna be besties.
I CANNOT AFFORD TO HAVE MORE THAN TEN FEMALE FRIENDS. and i can’t even remember the surnames of more than five, and they ALL wanna know what you’re doing and when, without them actually doing anything. Except some paltry “i miss you boo” every four weeks or so, and you’re like “awwn… I miss you too.”
Sad story: i don’t. (._.)


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