Lé silent shouldé

Been trying to cut down on how much of words you see per post… Have you guys noticed? I was reading some of my older posts and my eyes just glaze over and I start dozing. Sooooo LOOOOOOONG some of them, gosh!! You people ought to complain you know? Throw full-stops and commas and yawns and stuff… That’s what the comment box is for… Don’t be scared. *hides knife*

Anywhooo, I think I don’t like needy and clingy people… People that need to hear from you to survive and be happy… People that if they don’t hear from you for a while do a complete character 360… You know…? Lé silent treatment… Lé cold shoulder…
I feel like you have issues. And you need people (I am always wrongly chosen for this activities).

Because I am lazy (terrible) in keeping friendships and stuff. I need a life. I need you to have a life so that when I come back, I don’t find you crying and sucking in the fetal position, mumbling: “why you leave me?” (Chinese accent)

In a weird twist, when the relationship gets serious, because I feel i have relationship issues, i over-compensate and become lé needy… Lé silent treatment… Lé cold shoulder… Lé bleh…
Lawd!! i hated myself with omelette.
When i took the bull by the horns and ended it…. Yeah, that was when i started to feel like me.

Omelette has been gossiping about me lately. I know because i had a WHOLE FUCKING DAY of him on my mind. Technically, not 24, considering i slept for about 7… And maybe moved up and down for 2…. Ahh… I hate Omelette.


4 thoughts on “Lé silent shouldé”

  1. Haha, in that case you’d hate me. I’ve recently been going on a friend-purge. Not going out of my way to talk to those who don’t seem to care enough to come and talk to me. I have ego issues. Can’t always be the one going after them. :/
    AAA I hate Omelette too! On your behalf. Why would exes gossip about exes?! That’s just petty.

  2. loool…. i hate the * mehn u just leave me 4 here” or ” or Hmmmm you sha” (from women especially) or the “you only holla when you need help” seriously mehn… if u are working as hard as i am working… you wouldn’t notice that i didn’t holla or check on you… and nah i still check up on people once a while( like 1ce in 6weeks)… but i cant be signing roll call everyday naww

    Nice post …. Nice topic and yes i can make u forget about Omelette completely 😉

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